December 4, 2023


Calling all Metroid fans and collectors! Good Smile is set to release an extraordinary Figma figure based on the menacing EMMI robot enemies from the highly acclaimed Metroid Dread game. This intricately designed figure, available for preorder now, promises to capture the essence of the dreaded EMMI enemies with posable joints and striking details. Additionally, Good Smile is also offering a thrilling Samus Figma figure featuring her blue power suit from Metroid Dread, allowing fans to recreate epic duels between Samus and the deadly E.M.M.I.s. Let’s delve into the details of these remarkable collectibles and how you can secure your own!

The EMMI Figma Figure: A Menacing Masterpiece

Scheduled for release next year, the EMMI Figma figure stands tall at approximately 8.5 inches and boasts posable joints, allowing you to recreate the eerie and menacing in-game poses of these deadly robots. The figure comes with a large Figma base stand for added stability and two optional faceplates, showcasing the EMMI’s full face armor and its DNA-extracting spike extended. Good Smile’s attention to detail ensures that this figure will be a striking addition to any Metroid fan’s collection.

Preorder Options and Release Dates:

US fans have multiple options to secure their EMMI Figma figure. Amazon is currently offering preorders at $127, with a release date set for September 25, 2024. Alternatively, you can order from Entertainment Earth for $150, using the promo code FALLFREE79 for free shipping. Entertainment Earth orders will ship in November 2024. For those who prefer to purchase directly from Good Smile, the figure is listed for around $110 (plus shipping) on their website, but act fast as the preorder period only lasts until August 24.

Samus Figma Figure: The Perfect Pairing

In addition to the EMMI Figma figure, Good Smile is also producing an exciting Samus Figma figure featuring her iconic blue power suit from Metroid Dread. Priced at $83, this figure comes with extra accessories such as an Omega Cannon, morph ball, and spider magnet, allowing fans to recreate thrilling battles between Samus and the relentless E.M.M.I.s. The Samus Figma figure is also available for preorder at Good Smile’s US store until August 24, with a scheduled release date of April 2024.

Unlock the World of Metroid on Your Desk or Shelf:

Whether you choose the EMMI Figma figure, the Samus Figma figure, or both, these collectibles are sure to elevate your Metroid experience to new heights. Good Smile’s commitment to accuracy and quality ensures that these figures capture the essence of the Metroid Dread universe, making them a must-have for any avid fan or collector.


Embark on an epic journey through the world of Metroid with the awe-inspiring Figma figures from Good Smile. The EMMI Figma figure, with its menacing design and posable joints, perfectly captures the essence of these dreaded enemies from Metroid Dread. Paired with the remarkable Samus Figma figure, fans can recreate thrilling battles between Samus and the relentless E.M.M.I.s on their desk or shelf. Don’t miss your chance to secure these collector’s items, as the preorder period is limited. Unleash the dread and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Metroid with these remarkable Figma figures from Good Smile.

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