November 27, 2023


Twitter, the social media giant under the control of mega-billionaire Elon Musk, made a significant move on Friday, blocking access to its website for users who aren’t signed in as registered users. This abrupt change left many users confused about its purpose and raised questions about the motivations behind it. In this blog post, we’ll analyze the text and shed light on the recent developments at Twitter, including the reason for the access restriction and its impact on the platform’s performance.

The Purpose of the Access Block:

Elon Musk explained in a post on Friday that the decision to block access to the website for non-registered users was a temporary emergency measure. The primary reason cited was the aggressive data-scraping activities by several hundred organizations, which were violating Twitter’s terms and conditions. These data scrapers were overloading Twitter’s systems, resulting in degraded service for regular users. The company took this step to improve platform performance and safeguard user experience.

Musk’s Plan to Tackle Data Scraping:

In his tweets, Elon Musk revealed the extent of data scraping on Twitter and expressed his willingness to take legal action against those responsible for stealing their data. He mentioned that these groups often masked their IPs through proxy servers or legitimate organizations, making it difficult to track them down. Musk has vowed to pursue legal action against these entities and looks forward to seeing them in court, even if it might take a few years.

Changes in Leadership:

Elon Musk made significant changes in Twitter’s leadership following his $44 billion acquisition of the platform. Linda Yaccarino, formerly NBCU’s top advertising sales executive, was appointed as Twitter’s new CEO, responsible for overseeing business operations. Meanwhile, Musk himself remains actively involved in leading product design and developing new technology.

Impact of Layoffs and Technical Problems:

After the acquisition, Musk laid off around 80% of Twitter’s employees, which resulted in some technical challenges. The platform experienced glitches during a live audio event featuring Ron DeSantis, where the former was using Twitter Spaces to announce his 2024 presidential campaign. These issues are attributed to the restructuring process after the acquisition.

Twitter’s Popularity and Future Development:

Despite the challenges, Musk claims that Twitter, now officially renamed X Corp., has never been more popular. He stated that the platform achieved an all-time high in user-seconds last week, indicating continued growth and engagement. Musk also mentioned that Twitter has been developing new features at an unprecedented pace, promising exciting updates in the future.


The recent changes implemented by Twitter under Elon Musk’s leadership have stirred curiosity among users and analysts alike. The access block for non-registered users was taken as a necessary step to combat aggressive data scraping, which has been affecting the platform’s performance. The appointment of Linda Yaccarino as CEO and Musk’s continued involvement in product design highlight the company’s commitment to growth and innovation. While the platform has faced challenges, it remains popular and is expected to introduce exciting new features in the coming months.


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