December 5, 2023


In a surprising move, Twitter’s executive chair, Elon Musk, announced a new policy to restrict daily tweet-viewing limits for unverified users, citing the need to combat data scraping and system manipulation. The decision has garnered significant attention and criticism, as it appears to favor subscribers of Twitter Blue, the platform’s subscription service. This blog post aims to analyze the text and implications of this announcement, shedding light on its potential impact on user behavior and the Twitter community at large.

The New Tweet-Viewing Limits:

According to Musk’s announcement, unverified Twitter users will only be able to view 600 tweets per day, while new unverified users will have a reduced limit of 300. Verified users, on the other hand, can view up to 6,000 tweets daily. The limits are intended to be temporary, but an end date remains unspecified. This decision marks a significant departure from the previous unlimited tweet-viewing accessibility, sparking both curiosity and concern among Twitter’s user base.

Impact on Twitter Blue Subscribers:

Elon Musk’s decision has raised eyebrows as it appears to favor Twitter Blue subscribers, who enjoy higher tweet-viewing limits. This move has led some users to perceive the blue checkmark, once a symbol of verification, as now associated with right-wing extremism. The blog post explores the potential implications of this shift in sentiment towards Twitter Blue and how it might affect Twitter’s subscription service in the long term.

Unclear Definition of “Reading”:

Musk’s announcement leaves room for ambiguity, as it does not define what Twitter considers as “reading.” Users have raised concerns about whether simply scrolling past a tweet counts towards their daily limit or if they can avoid reaching the cap by not clicking on tweets. This section delves into the potential challenges users might face in navigating the new viewing limits and the need for clearer guidelines from Twitter.

“Rate Limited Exceeded”:

Once users reach their daily tweet-viewing cap, they will see a message stating “rate limited exceeded” on their feed. This section discusses the possible impact of such a notification on user behavior and how it might influence user engagement and interaction on the platform.

Twitter’s Evolution Under Elon Musk:

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter last year, the social media giant has undergone significant changes. From restricting site content to logged-in users only to this recent tweet-viewing limit, this section explores the trajectory of Twitter under Musk’s leadership and its implications on the platform’s user base and overall mission.

Rising Hate Speech Concerns:

Studies have highlighted a notable increase in hate speech on Twitter since Musk took over the company. This section examines the potential correlation between Musk’s leadership and the rise of hate speech on the platform, addressing concerns from users and analysts alike.

User Reactions and Feedback:

Initial responses to Musk’s decision have been predominantly negative. Even verified users, who have higher tweet-viewing limits, express frustration with the changes in Twitter’s policies. This section dives into user reactions, the diversity of opinions, and the potential implications on Twitter’s public image and user retention.


Elon Musk’s announcement of daily tweet-viewing limits for unverified Twitter users has sparked debates and concerns among the platform’s community. The decision’s impact on user behavior, user perceptions of Twitter Blue, and the ongoing battle against hate speech are all critical aspects to consider. Twitter must address user feedback and provide clearer guidelines to ensure a smoother transition to the new policy. Only time will tell how this decision shapes Twitter’s future and its relationship with its user base.

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