December 5, 2023


The cycling world was left in mourning as Gino Mäder, a promising Swiss rider, tragically lost his life due to injuries sustained in a high-speed crash during the Tour de Suisse. The peloton came together to pay tribute to the fallen cyclist, with stage seven transformed into a memorial ride in his honor. Amidst the somber atmosphere, Remco Evenepoel, the reigning world champion, took the opportunity to deliver a heartfelt victory and salute Mäder in a poignant gesture.

Mäder’s Tragic Accident and the Ripple Effect

Gino Mäder’s life was cut short at the age of 26 following a devastating crash during a descent in the Tour de Suisse. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, he succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The cycling community, filled with grief and shock, rallied together to remember the young Swiss rider and offer condolences to his family and teammates.

A Modified Stage to Honor Mäder’s Memory

In remembrance of Mäder, stage seven of the Tour de Suisse was canceled, replaced by a 20km memorial ride along the final section of the planned route. The solemn atmosphere was palpable as the peloton honored their fallen comrade, paying tribute to the young cyclist’s passion for the sport.

Withdrawals and a Subdued Stage

Mäder’s Team Bahrain Victorious, Intermarché-Circus-Gobert, Tudor Pro Cycling teams, and 17 other riders decided to withdraw from the race out of respect for their fallen colleague. This reduced the number of participants to 113 for the stage to Weinfelden. The riders maintained a subdued demeanor, reflecting the collective grief felt throughout the cycling community.

Evenepoel’s Emotional Victory and Tribute

Amidst the somber backdrop, Remco Evenepoel, the current world champion, made a poignant gesture as he won stage seven. With 17km remaining, Evenepoel launched a solo move, ultimately crossing the finish line alone. As he celebrated his victory, he blew a kiss to the sky and pointed upwards, honoring Mäder’s memory and showing solidarity with his family and friends.

Uncertainty and Resilience

Prior to the stage, questions lingered about the completion of the Tour de Suisse and the start of the women’s edition. However, after consultations among all stakeholders, the race director, Olivier Senn, expressed unity in the decision to continue with the remaining stages of the men’s race, ensuring an appropriate setting to honor Mäder’s memory.

Arrest Made in Davide Rebellin’s Tragic Crash

In a separate tragic incident, German police have arrested a truck driver, Wolfgang Rieke, accused of causing the crash that claimed the life of professional cyclist Davide Rebellin in Italy. Rebellin’s death shocked the cycling community, and the subsequent investigation led to the identification and arrest of the alleged driver responsible for the accident.


The Tour de Suisse experienced profound sorrow as Gino Mäder’s life was tragically cut short due to a cycling accident. Amidst the grief, Remco Evenepoel’s victory in stage seven served as a bittersweet moment, a touching tribute to Mäder’s memory. The cycling community united in solidarity, honoring the fallen rider and expressing resilience in the face of adversity. As the Tour de Suisse continued, it served as a poignant reminder of the inherent risks and unwavering passion that define the sport of cycling.

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