December 4, 2023


In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, data has become the lifeblood that fuels customer understanding and engagement. The concept of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) has gained prominence as a centralized hub for collecting first-party customer information. However, the real power lies not just in amassing data, but in utilizing it effectively to enhance customer experiences and optimize targeting strategies. Twilio Segment, a significant player in the marketing technology sphere, recently unveiled a groundbreaking tool at the Signal customer and developers conference: CustomerAI Predictions. This innovative solution empowers marketers to make accurate predictions about customer behavior based on specific criteria.

Empowering Marketers with Predictive Insights

For years, marketers have grappled with obtaining high-quality data to inform their strategies. Twilio Segment’s CustomerAI Predictions marks a decisive shift. This tool not only enables marketers to act on their existing hypotheses but also facilitates the prediction of customer behavior for targeted campaigns. According to Alex Millet, Senior Director of Product at Twilio Segment, the objective is to identify the most valuable customer segments for distinct campaign types. By harnessing the wealth of data collected by businesses and flowing into the CDP, CustomerAI Predictions brings invaluable insights to the forefront.

Unveiling CustomerAI Predictions

CustomerAI Predictions leverages data collected by Segment, encompassing various touchpoints such as clickstream data from websites or mobile apps. Twilio complements this with communications data, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of customer engagement levels. The tool collaborates with Amazon SageMaker, a prominent machine learning infrastructure, to rapidly develop this predictive capability. The result is a sophisticated solution capable of identifying groups of customers with the highest likelihood of engaging in specific behaviors, such as purchasing a new product.

A Glimpse into the Future: Generative AI-Based Email Tool

Twilio Segment has more innovative ventures on the horizon. Alex Millet hinted at an upcoming CustomerAI Generative Email tool. This tool has the potential to merge the insights derived from CustomerAI Predictions with generative AI-based email creation. By combining data from predictive models with tailored content generation, marketers can create highly personalized emails that resonate with their target audience on a deeper level.

Twilio’s Strategic Evolution

Twilio’s foray into the marketing landscape began with its acquisition of Segment in October 2020, a move that signaled its intent to diversify beyond communications APIs. This strategic expansion included the introduction of Flex, a programmable contact center product, and the acquisition of SendGrid, an email API platform, both of which strengthened Twilio’s position in the marketing technology ecosystem.


The advent of CustomerAI Predictions marks a pivotal moment in the realm of data-driven marketing. Twilio Segment’s visionary tool empowers marketers to transcend mere data collection, offering actionable insights that drive customer engagement and campaign effectiveness. With the promise of a generative AI-based email tool on the horizon, Twilio continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and its role as a transformative force in the marketing technology landscape.

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