December 3, 2023


In a recent development, Toyota has issued a recall for approximately 168,000 newly manufactured vehicles due to a potential fire risk. The recall comes as a result of a concern related to the plastic fuel tube, which has the potential to move and rub against a brake line, resulting in a fuel leak. This leaked fuel could pose a serious fire hazard if ignited in the presence of an ignition source.

Recall Details and Remedial Measures:

According to the recall notice published by Toyota on its official website, the affected vehicles include select 2022 and 2023 model year cars, notably the Toyota Tundra and Tundra Hybrid. While the company is actively preparing remedy parts to address the issue, owners of the affected vehicles are encouraged to take proactive steps. Toyota is offering free installation of protective materials within the cars and providing clamps for the fuel tubes to prevent any potential fuel leaks. These interim measures aim to mitigate the risk of fire until the full remedy is implemented.

Notification Process:

Toyota has outlined its plans to notify owners of the recalled car models by early October. This notification will contain important information about the recall and the necessary steps that owners should take to ensure their vehicles’ safety. The company emphasizes its commitment to addressing the issue promptly and efficiently.

How to Seek Additional Information:

For car owners seeking more information about the recall or with any questions, Toyota has set up the Toyota Brand Engagement Center reachable at 1-800-331-4331. Alternatively, individuals can also reach out to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at 1-888-327-4236 for further details and assistance.


Toyota’s proactive approach to addressing the potential fire risk associated with the plastic fuel tube is a testament to its commitment to customer safety. While the recall may cause inconvenience, it underscores the company’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of its customers and the broader community. By promptly implementing protective measures and preparing remedy parts, Toyota aims to swiftly resolve the issue and maintain its reputation for producing safe and reliable vehicles.

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