December 3, 2023


In the vibrant city of London, the Kapoor family has been enjoying some quality time together. Sonam Kapoor, the Bollywood superstar, is currently residing in London with her husband, Anand Ahuja, and their adorable son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja. Joining them in this family gathering is Sonam’s sister, Rhea Kapoor, along with her husband, Karan Boolani. The close-knit family has been making the most of their time together, as evident from the pictures shared by Rhea Kapoor on social media. One striking aspect that has captured the attention of fans and followers is the family’s shared love for sneakers, especially the young fashionista, Vayu. Let’s delve into the details of this sneaker lover family and their stylish moments in the heart of London’s Notting Hill.

Sonam Kapoor’s Stylish Ensemble:

In the pictures shared by Rhea Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor can be seen effortlessly rocking a trendy and comfortable look. She opts for an oversized shirt paired with track pants, exuding a chic and relaxed vibe. Completing her ensemble are a pair of sneakers, which have become a staple in her wardrobe. Sonam’s choice of sneakers not only adds a touch of urban flair to her outfit but also ensures that she stays comfortable during their family walks.

Anand Ahuja’s Casual Cool Style:

Anand Ahuja, known for his impeccable taste in fashion, complements Sonam’s look with his own fashionable yet relaxed attire. He dons a t-shirt along with track pants, creating a perfect balance between style and comfort. Like his wife, Anand also chooses to wear sneakers, adding a touch of sporty elegance to his outfit.

Vayu Kapoor Ahuja: The Young Sneaker Enthusiast:

The youngest member of the Kapoor family, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, is undoubtedly following in the footsteps of his stylish parents. Rhea Kapoor affectionately describes herself as a “doting maasi” to Vayu, and it’s evident that she adores the young fashion icon. In the pictures shared by Rhea, Vayu can be seen wearing a grey co-ord set, which reflects his innate sense of style even at such a tender age. The most eye-catching element of Vayu’s ensemble is undoubtedly his sneakers! The toddler sports a pair of Nike sneakers from the Indian outlet, perfectly matching his mother, Sonam’s choice of footwear. It’s truly heartwarming to see how Vayu has embraced his parents’ love for sneakers, making it a delightful family affair.

The Trendsetting Sneaker Lovers:

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja have long been admired for their sartorial choices and their love for sneakers. Now, with the addition of Vayu Kapoor Ahuja to the family, it’s evident that the little one is already shaping up to be a trendsetter in his own right. From walking the streets of London to spending precious moments with his Maasi Rhea and Uncle Karan, Vayu seems to be having a blast while showcasing his adorable sneakers.


The Kapoor family’s time in London has become all the more special and fashionable as they share their love for sneakers. Sonam Kapoor, Anand Ahuja, and their adorable son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, are setting major fashion goals as they stroll through Notting Hill with their stylish and comfortable sneaker choices. Fans and followers are charmed by the cute-as-a-button sneakers that Vayu dons, truly making it a family affair. As we continue to follow this stylish family’s adventures, one thing is certain: the Kapoor family is here to stay, and their love for sneakers is a trend worth emulating!

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