December 5, 2023


Cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the opening day of matches and series, relishing the opportunity to witness thrilling gameplay while immersing themselves in a vibrant atmosphere. Recently, Edgbaston Cricket Ground introduced a new hospitality area called the Skyline Terrace, offering a unique and modern cricketing experience. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, this luxurious section remained empty on the fourth day of the Test match. Meanwhile, Lord’s Cricket Ground unveiled its own extravagant offering, the Ashes Lounge, enticing cricket aficionados with unparalleled amenities. In this blog post, we delve into the details of these opulent cricketing experiences and explore the remarkable cricketing moments that unfolded during the match.

The Skyline Terrace at Edgbaston:

The Skyline Terrace, situated atop the South Stand of Edgbaston Cricket Ground, promised a fun and interactive cricketing hospitality experience. With its exceptional pitch views, relaxed seating zones, and an abundance of delectable street food, the terrace aimed to create a lively ambiance for ticket-holders. Priced at £899 on the opening day, the tickets gradually decreased to £491 for the fourth day. However, due to the rapid pace of the match and concerns about limited play on the final days, officials decided not to charge high prices for potentially limited action. Despite the empty section, the terrace garnered positive feedback from customers who enjoyed its facilities during the first three days of the Ashes series.

The Ashes Lounge at Lord’s:

Building on the allure of premium cricketing hospitality, Lord’s Cricket Ground introduced the Ashes Lounge for the second Test. This sophisticated lounge aimed to redefine the concept of luxury during cricket matches. While specific details about the lounge are not provided in the given information, it is implied that Lord’s sought to provide an extravagant experience that surpassed the offerings of Edgbaston’s Skyline Terrace.

Joe Root’s Remarkable Six-Hitting:

Joe Root, England’s formidable cricketer, showcased his exceptional skills during the Test match. Having hit 13 sixes in just four games this year, Root surpassed his cumulative sixes tally from the years 2012 to 2020. His outstanding performance included hitting at least one six in both innings of the game twice out of his three Test appearances against Australia at Edgbaston. Root’s ability to thrive against this particular opponent at this venue has captivated cricket fans and adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Mitchell Starc’s Gardening Skills Earn Applause:

Cricket fans are known for appreciating not only the traditional aspects of the game but also extraordinary efforts that go beyond the usual batting, bowling, and fielding. Mitchell Starc, although not in Australia’s playing XI, earned applause from spectators during the match for a seemingly simple act of gardening. When Marnus Labuschagne inadvertently dug up a divot in the field, Starc, acting as a substitute fielder, diligently restored the displaced turf, earning the appreciation of the crowd.

Review Drama and Reversals:

The fourth day of the match witnessed a flurry of reviews and overturned decisions, captivating the attention of spectators. In total, there were six reviews, with Australia making two incorrect ones and England making four. Out of these, two decisions were overturned in England’s favor, providing reprieves for Jonny Bairstow and Stuart Broad. Another pivotal moment occurred when Ben Stokes was initially ruled out caught off Nathan Lyon, but a referral showed that Stokes had indeed hit the ball into the ground before it was caught.


The Skyline Terrace at Edgbaston and the upcoming Ashes Lounge at Lord’s epitomize the evolving landscape of cricketing hospitality, offering fans an opportunity to indulge in a luxurious matchday experience. Despite the empty sections on the final days of the Test match, the positive feedback from customers who experienced the Skyline Terrace showcases the potential for such offerings. Additionally, the remarkable performances of Joe Root, the appreciation for Mitchell Starc’s gardening skills, and the review drama further enhance the excitement and intrigue surrounding this enthralling Test match. As cricket continues to captivate the hearts of fans worldwide, the integration of premium hospitality experiences is set to enhance the overall spectator experience.

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