December 5, 2023


In 2016, Tia Williams penned the novel “The Perfect Find,” a heartwarming tale of love, age gaps, and the complexities of relationships. Fast forward to 2023, and Netflix brings this beautiful story to life with a star-studded cast, directed by the talented Numa Perrier. In this blog post, we’ll explore the captivating narrative and the decision to change the original ending, offering readers a glimpse into the creative challenges faced during the film’s development. Let’s dive in! #ThePerfectFind #NetflixAdaptation #RomCom

Plot Overview:

“The Perfect Find” centers around Jenna Jones (Gabrielle Union), a 40-year-old woman seeking love and a family. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she falls for Eric Combs (Keith Powers), a 22-year-old recent film graduate. Jenna’s desire to start a family clashes with Eric’s ambitions, leading to their eventual separation. However, fate has other plans as Jenna discovers she’s pregnant after they part ways.

The Creative Challenge:

In Tia Williams’ novel, Jenna raises her child without informing Eric until several years later when they coincidentally cross paths. However, Numa Perrier faced a creative challenge in the Netflix adaptation: should Jenna withhold the truth from Eric, and if so, can she be forgiven for it? The filmmakers grappled with societal questions of choice, control, and love while seeking a resolution that would still allow Jenna and Eric to become a family.

The Evolving Relationship of Jenna and Darcy:

The adaptation also delves into the complex relationship between Jenna and Darcy (Gina Torres), Eric’s mother. Darcy, who initially warns Jenna not to date her son, surprises viewers by offering support rather than scolding upon learning about Jenna’s pregnancy. Darcy’s background as a single mother who raised Eric without his father adds layers of depth to her character.

Breaking Binary Stereotypes:

Numa Perrier emphasizes that both Jenna and Darcy are multi-dimensional characters, defying stereotypes. Jenna’s decisions may be questionable, but it reflects her complexity, making her more relatable. Darcy’s growth as a woman is showcased through her transformation from a perceived antagonist to a collaborator, leading to a compelling dynamic between the two women.

Choosing the Happy Ending:

Ultimately, the filmmakers opted for a happy ending in the rom-com tradition. This decision allowed Jenna and Eric’s love story to culminate with the birth of their son, Otis, named after Eric’s late father. Gabrielle Union’s portrayal of Jenna as a complicated character adds depth to the story, even with the shift in the ending.


“The Perfect Find” is not just a romantic comedy; it’s a story that tackles real-life dilemmas of choice, love, and motherhood. Numa Perrier skillfully navigated the challenges of adapting Tia Williams’ novel while ensuring a satisfying conclusion for viewers. The Netflix adaptation is a testament to the complexities of human relationships and the power of forgiveness and second chances. As audiences embrace this heartwarming film, the conversation about choice and parenting will undoubtedly continue in society.

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