December 3, 2023


The year 2023 witnessed a blazing trail of AI stocks that captivated investors with promises of revolutionary technological advancements. However, recent weeks have seen a shift in the landscape as some of the hottest AI stocks have dipped into correction territory, signaling a potential turning point in the market. This article delves into the roller-coaster ride of AI stocks, exploring the factors behind the recent declines, the changing sentiment among investors, and the future outlook for this transformative technology.

The Correction Territory and Investor Sentiment:

Once soaring to the heights of investor enthusiasm, many of the top AI stocks have succumbed to correction territory, experiencing declines ranging from 2.3% to a significant slump of 29%. Out of the 10 leading AI stocks analyzed, half have lost more than 10%, raising questions about the sustainability of the AI market’s rapid ascent. While this may be attributed to a variety of factors, such as the impact of higher long-term interest rates on high-growth tech stocks, it could also signify a growing weariness among investors regarding the AI hype.

AI Buzz on Earnings Conference Calls:

The allure of the word “AI” during earnings conference calls appears to be waning. A phenomenon that once triggered a flurry of buying activity now seems to be losing its effectiveness. An interesting observation made by analysts is that there might be a saturation point for mentioning “AI” on these calls – too many repetitions, and investors start tuning out. This trend hints at a potential shift in focus from short-term excitement to a more critical assessment of AI’s actual impact on company profits.

Amara’s Law and Realistic Expectations:

Morgan Stanley analysts introduced the concept of Amara’s Law, which warns against overestimating a technology’s immediate impact and underestimating its long-term effects. This insight is particularly relevant to the AI sector, where initial exuberance might be giving way to a more tempered understanding of the time and effort required to translate AI advancements into tangible profits. The rapid inflow of funds into public tech equities earlier in the year suggests that investors may have been caught up in a speculative frenzy, with expectations of instant returns.

Changing Dynamics in AI Mentions:

The shift in investor sentiment is evident in the changing dynamics of AI mentions during earnings calls. Executives have cited “AI” a staggering 390 times this season, a significant increase from 92 mentions a year ago. However, despite the increase in mentions, the impact on stock performance has weakened. This decline in responsiveness raises questions about whether investors are becoming more discerning about the true implications of AI for a company’s bottom line.

Signs of Cooling AI Hype:

The signs of cooling AI hype are not limited to stock performance alone. Startups, like Jasper AI, have made job cuts despite raising substantial funds, indicating that even well-funded ventures are reevaluating their AI strategies. Additionally, tools like ChatGPT, which gained prominence as a testament to AI’s capabilities, have experienced temporary usage drops. While these indicators might be temporary, they reflect the need for a pragmatic reassessment of AI’s immediate impact.

The Future of AI Stocks:

Nvidia, a prominent player in the AI field, is slated to release its quarterly results, setting the tone for AI stocks for the remainder of 2023. The outcome of this report could potentially influence investor sentiment and provide insights into the future trajectory of AI stocks. As the market grapples with the effects of the recent declines, it remains to be seen whether AI stocks will regain their former glory or chart a more sustainable and realistic path forward.


The whirlwind rise and recent corrections of AI stocks in 2023 shed light on the volatile nature of emerging technologies’ investments. The shift in sentiment, from euphoric excitement to cautious evaluation, underscores the importance of grounded expectations and a long-term perspective. As the industry matures, the AI sector is entering a phase of introspection, where the true value of AI technologies will be scrutinized beyond buzzwords and immediate gains. Whether this signifies a temporary setback or a turning point in the AI investment landscape, only time will tell.

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