December 3, 2023


In a surprising turn of events, Square Enix has announced the heartbreaking discontinuation of its highly anticipated free-to-play mobile game, Just Cause Mobile, before its official global release. Initially revealed during The Game Awards 2020, the game had garnered massive interest with promises of an immersive story campaign, co-op missions, and competitive multiplayer gameplay. However, Square Enix has made the difficult decision to halt the development, leaving fans disheartened and curious about the reasons behind this sudden change. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of the unfortunate situation surrounding Just Cause Mobile’s demise.

The Ambitious Promise of Just Cause Mobile:

Just Cause Mobile was poised to be a mobile extension of the wildly popular Just Cause series, known for its over-the-top action and exhilarating gameplay. Built using Unreal Engine 4, the game aimed to deliver the same high-octane experience that the franchise is known for, allowing players to engage in adrenaline-pumping activities using a parachute, wingsuit, and grapple hook.

The Game’s Untimely End:

Despite the initial excitement and anticipation, Square Enix chose to pull the plug on Just Cause Mobile, leaving players disappointed and bewildered. The game’s website and Twitter account have been taken offline, signifying the finality of this decision. It appears that the company opted not to proceed with the global release, which had been planned after successful regional early access earlier in the year.

Square Enix’s Regretful Announcement:

Anne-Lou Grosbois-Favreau, Square Enix brand lead, expressed deep sadness in the announcement of Just Cause Mobile’s discontinuation. Her words reflected the collective disappointment of both the development team and the passionate community that was eagerly awaiting the game’s release.

The Fate of In-Game Currency:

With the game no longer available on digital stores as of July 3, players who had invested in the game’s development by purchasing in-game currency will have their purchases refunded. While this gesture seeks to mollify the players, it cannot erase the sense of loss for what could have been a thrilling addition to the Just Cause universe.

A Historical Perspective:

The Just Cause series has a storied history, dating back to its debut in 2006. The franchise saw successful sequels in 2010, 2015, and 2018, each contributing to its cult following and cementing its status as an action-packed gaming experience. Unfortunately, this legacy will now have a notable gap with the abrupt discontinuation of Just Cause Mobile.

Mobile Game Casualties:

Just Cause Mobile is not the only mobile game based on a major intellectual property to face cancellation in recent times. Earlier in the year, EA dealt with similar setbacks, pulling the plug on both Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile. These incidents underscore the challenges and risks associated with developing high-profile games for the mobile platform.


The untimely end of Just Cause Mobile serves as a somber reminder of the uncertainties that surround game development, even for established franchises. Square Enix’s decision to discontinue the game has left fans and industry insiders speculating about the reasons behind this unfortunate outcome. As the gaming community comes to terms with this loss, we can only hope that future mobile gaming endeavors will find success and deliver on their promises.

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