December 5, 2023


SpaceX, under the visionary leadership of CEO Elon Musk, continues its pursuit of revolutionizing space travel with the Starship launch vehicle. After encountering significant challenges during its orbital flight test in April, the company has now conducted a full-pressure test of a cutting-edge water deluge system. This innovative solution aims to address one of the major problems that arose during the previous test and prepare the launch infrastructure for a second flight of the world’s most powerful rocket.

Resolving Past Challenges:

During the previous test flight, the heat and energy generated by the Super Heavy booster’s 33 Raptor engines resulted in damage to the launch pad and orbital launch mount. In response, SpaceX designed what Musk termed a “mega-steel pancake” – a robust perforated steel plate positioned directly underneath the rocket. Coupled with massive water jets, this water deluge system continually cools the rocket while it is exposed to the intense flames from the rocket engine.

Environmental Considerations:

Despite the advancement in launch infrastructure, SpaceX faces environmental concerns related to the water deluge system. While the video of the full-pressure spray showcases its effectiveness, the discharge of water may raise questions about potential pollutants mixing into the water as it interacts with the rocket. The company is now under scrutiny, with CNBC reporting that SpaceX did not apply for an environmental permit as required by the U.S. Clean Water Act. However, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is evaluating the system to determine if any environmental regulations apply.

Regulatory Approval and Lawsuit Implications:

The timing of the next Starship flight test is subject to approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which temporarily grounded Starship after the previous test resulted in an explosion mid-air. Although this grounding was expected given the test’s outcome, SpaceX must await regulatory clearance for the next flight test. Additionally, SpaceX is co-defendant in a lawsuit with the FAA regarding the environmental review of Starbase and the Starship launch program. Environmental and Indigenous groups filed the lawsuit in May, alleging the FAA’s failure to fully consider the environmental impact of SpaceX’s activities in the area.


SpaceX’s relentless pursuit of innovation is evident in the development of the water deluge system, a crucial step toward enhancing the Starship launch infrastructure. As the company advances toward the second test flight, it must navigate environmental considerations and regulatory approval processes. Despite potential challenges, Elon Musk’s determination to push the boundaries of space exploration remains undeterred.

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