December 4, 2023


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential nominee, has recently come forward to clarify his investment in Bitcoin, contradicting his earlier denial during a conference in Miami just two months ago. Financial records now indicate that Kennedy holds a significant quantity of Bitcoin, raising questions about his previous statements and potential conflicts of interest. This blog post delves into the details of the situation, explores possible reasons behind the conflicting statements, and highlights Kennedy’s past support for cryptocurrencies.

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During the Miami Bitcoin conference held in May, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was asked if he had invested in Bitcoin. In response, he denied being an investor while expressing his willingness to accept Bitcoin donations for his campaign. However, recently submitted financial disclosure forms reveal that Kennedy’s family holds a brokerage account with a Bitcoin balance ranging between $100,001 and $250,000.

The document does not specify the exact date of the Bitcoin purchase, leaving room for speculation regarding whether the investment was made before or after the conference. Initially, Kennedy’s campaign manager attempted to clarify the situation by attributing the investment to his wife, but the campaign later admitted the mistake and confirmed that Kennedy himself owned the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, being the largest cryptocurrency worldwide, has been gaining increasing investor interest. Therefore, it is unclear why Kennedy made statements inconsistent with his Bitcoin investment. One possible reason could be to avoid potential conflicts of interest if he were to promote Bitcoin while on the campaign trail. However, Kennedy’s campaign office denies any conflict, stating that there is no conflict of interest.

Kennedy has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, advocating for their potential to provide the public with an “escape route” during financial crises. His campaign stands out by accepting donations in Bitcoin, emphasizing his alignment with the crypto community. Despite his previous remarks, Kennedy’s comments on Bitcoin have become less frequent since the Miami conference.


The revelation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Bitcoin investment, despite his earlier denial, has sparked interest and raised questions about his transparency and consistency. The financial disclosure forms indicating his ownership of a substantial amount of Bitcoin have generated speculation regarding the timing of the investment and potential conflicts of interest. Kennedy’s past support for cryptocurrencies and his campaign’s acceptance of Bitcoin donations add an intriguing dimension to this situation.

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