November 27, 2023


Investors who have held onto Rivian stock (RIVN) in recent months are now reaping the rewards, as the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s shares have experienced a remarkable surge. Over the past nine sessions, Rivian stock has soared almost 90%, closing at $25.51 on Monday, nearly double its closing price of $13.45 on June 26. This upward trajectory can be attributed to positive catalysts, including Rivian’s reaffirmation of its production and delivery targets, which has prompted analysts to raise their price targets for the stock. Amidst growing confidence in the company’s prospects, the worst appears to be in the rearview mirror for Rivian, according to industry experts.

Rivian’s Rocky Journey:

Following its highly anticipated IPO in November 2021, during a period of intense investor interest in EVs and the overall stock market, Rivian’s stock experienced a turbulent ride. At its peak, shares traded as high as $179 each, but they hit an all-time intraday low of $11.26 on April 26, 2023. The company faced challenges in meeting production targets due to supply chain issues, which contributed to the decline in stock value. However, recent developments have signaled a turnaround for Rivian, instilling renewed confidence among investors.

Positive Catalysts and Price Target Increase:

Rivian’s reaffirmation of its delivery goals has played a pivotal role in bolstering investor sentiment and driving the stock’s surge. In response, Wedbush Securities raised their price target for Rivian shares from $25 to $30. Analyst Dan Ives from Wedbush Securities commented that the company has turned a corner, with production finally gaining momentum after several quarters of setbacks. Ives believes that Rivian’s valuation could potentially reach $30 as a base case, indicating a positive outlook for the stock.

Short Interest and Investor Sentiment:

Notably, part of Rivian’s recent upward movement can be attributed to short covering, with short interest currently standing at 12.34% of the float, according to data analytics firm S3 Partners. Short covering occurs when investors who bet against a stock’s rise are forced to buy shares to minimize losses as the stock price increases. The combination of positive news and short covering has contributed to the rapid appreciation of Rivian stock.

EV Market and Federal Reserve Influence:

The broader electric vehicle sector has been experiencing an upward trend for several weeks, driven by enthusiasm surrounding the prospects of artificial intelligence. The S&P 500 entering a new bull market, coupled with expectations of the Federal Reserve temporarily pausing its aggressive rate hikes due to cooling inflation, has further boosted investor confidence. Valuations for companies that have yet to turn a profit, like Rivian, have significantly declined since the Federal Reserve initiated monetary tightening. Rivian shares currently trade approximately 75% lower than their January 2022 level of $103.32.


Rivian’s recent surge in stock price has rewarded long-term investors who remained confident in the company’s potential. Positive catalysts, including the reaffirmation of production and delivery targets, have restored optimism among investors and prompted price target increases from analysts. While the stock experienced a challenging period following its IPO, recent developments indicate that Rivian has turned a corner and overcome obstacles. As the electric vehicle market continues to gain momentum and the Federal Reserve adopts a more cautious stance, the future looks promising for Rivian and other players in the industry.

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