December 4, 2023


American Auto, the popular sitcom set at the corporate headquarters of fictional Detroit-based Payne Motors, left fans disappointed when it was abruptly canceled after its second season. However, series creator Justin Spitzer recently took to Twitter to unveil intriguing details about what could have been in the ill-fated third season. In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting plans for Season 3 of American Auto, highlighting the growth of Katherine Hastings and Payne Motors as they were poised to achieve remarkable success.

Season 2 Finale:

A Turning Point for Katherine Hastings: The Season 2 finale, which aired on April 18, marked a significant turning point for Katherine Hastings, brilliantly portrayed by Ana Gasteyer. Despite the underwhelming performance of the Pika car, Katherine’s unexpected sales win saved her team from potential job losses. This triumph not only allowed Katherine to keep her position as the head of Payne Motors but also set the stage for her to make a lasting impact on the company.

Katherine’s Vision for Payne Motors:

As Season 3 of American Auto would have unfolded, Katherine Hastings was prepared to lead Payne Motors to newfound triumph. Justin Spitzer, the creative mind behind the show, explained in a post mortem interview that Katherine would finally have the opportunity to shape the company according to her vision. With success on her side, she would take bold steps to revolutionize the automotive industry and firmly establish Payne Motors as a force to be reckoned with.

The Rise of Payne Motors:

In the ill-fated third season, viewers would have witnessed Payne Motors transcending its previous struggles and emerging as a powerful player in the automobile market. Katherine Hastings, armed with newfound confidence, would lead her team on a journey towards excellence, innovation, and global recognition. The series intended to showcase the company’s meteoric rise, as Payne Motors took the world by storm with its revolutionary designs, cutting-edge technology, and forward-thinking strategies.

The Talented Ensemble Cast:

American Auto’s exceptional ensemble cast played a vital role in bringing the show to life. Alongside Ana Gasteyer’s Katherine Hastings, Harriet Dyer portrayed CCO Sadie Ryan, Jon Barinholtz embodied Wesley Payne, Humphrey Ker portrayed General Counsel Elliot Chisholm, Michael B. Washington portrayed Chief Product Designer Cyrus Knight, Tye White played the role of Jack Fortin, an assembly line worker-turned-executive suit, and X Mayo played Katherine’s capable assistant, Dori Ovens. The chemistry and talent of this ensemble cast would have continued to captivate audiences as they navigated the challenges and triumphs of Payne Motors’ journey.

A Fond Farewell and Gratitude:

As Justin Spitzer expressed on Twitter, the cancellation of American Auto deprived viewers of witnessing the captivating third season unfold. However, he expressed immense pride in the 23 episodes that were created and extended heartfelt gratitude to the outstanding cast, talented writers, dedicated crew, and passionate fans who supported the show. In his tweet, he also humorously mentioned the possibility of selling a Pika car, a testament to the lasting impact the series had on fans.


American Auto, although prematurely canceled after its second season, had ambitious plans for its third season. With Katherine Hastings and Payne Motors set to achieve unprecedented success, viewers would have witnessed the company’s rise to prominence and Katherine’s transformative leadership. Despite the show’s cancellation, the legacy of American Auto remains, leaving fans to imagine the exciting future that could have unfolded for Katherine Hastings and the remarkable world of Payne Motors.

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