November 27, 2023


Blizzard Entertainment’s highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2, has been making headlines since its announcement. With its focus on PvE story missions, the game promised to immerse players in an exciting narrative-driven experience. However, recent announcements have left fans both excited and concerned about the future of the game’s content updates.

Overwatch 2: Invasion and the Multi-Season Break:

Blizzard recently announced the release of a $15 bundle called Overwatch 2: Invasion, which will feature the game’s first set of story missions. The Executive Producer, Jared Neuss, has clarified that there will likely be a multi-season break between subsequent story updates. This break is necessary to strike a balance between delivering content quickly and ensuring that the development team has sufficient time to make improvements and incorporate additional features.

In his conversation with streamer Emongg on Twitch, Neuss mentioned that they have plans for next year to fill the content gaps and provide players with engaging experiences during the break. The goal is to keep players invested in the game and provide continuous narrative elements to enrich the Overwatch 2 universe.

The Promise of New PvE Content:

The story missions in Overwatch 2 are promised to be a significant departure from the PvP-focused gameplay of the original Overwatch. Players can expect larger maps and unique terrain features that are not typically found in the game’s competitive modes. This shift emphasizes Blizzard’s dedication to delivering a rich and immersive PvE experience, allowing players to delve deeper into the lore and story of the Overwatch universe.

Abandoning the Ambitious PvE Hero Mode:

Initially, Blizzard had ambitious plans for an open-ended PvE Hero mode, but they decided to focus on story missions instead. This decision has left some fans feeling disappointed, as they were looking forward to the more extensive, dynamic PvE experience. The change in plans may have contributed to concerns about the game’s content structure and pricing.

Fan Frustration and Pricing Concerns:

With the announcement that story missions will be locked behind a $15 paywall, some fans are expressing frustration about how Overwatch 2 has been handled so far. PvE was one of the main reasons for the game’s separation from the original Overwatch, and many fans expected to see a more extensive PvE offering. The pricing model has raised eyebrows, as players hope for a fair balance between the cost and the content’s depth.


Overwatch 2: Invasion represents the beginning of a new era for the popular franchise, focusing on PvE story missions to deliver a rich and immersive narrative experience. Despite the multi-season break between story updates, Blizzard is committed to providing players with engaging content throughout the year. While some fans have expressed concerns about the shift in plans and the paywall for story missions, the future of Overwatch 2 remains promising with its dedication to storytelling and unique PvE gameplay.

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