November 27, 2023


In a rapidly evolving podcasting landscape, Nomono has introduced a game-changing solution for audio professionals seeking high-quality, flexible recording options. Their portable podcasting kit comes at a premium price of $2,490, but it offers a comprehensive package that aims to revolutionize local podcast recordings. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features of Nomono’s kit, its advantages and disadvantages, and explore who might benefit most from this cutting-edge podcasting solution.

Nomono’s All-in-One Podcasting Kit:

The heart of Nomono’s kit lies in its carefully designed hardware. The kit includes four wireless lavalier microphones, perfect for capturing individual voices during a conversation. These small, discreet square pucks attach securely to clothing with magnets, ensuring ease of use during recording sessions. The space recorder, which serves as the hub of the system, features omnidirectional microphones to capture room tone and spatial data, making it possible to pinpoint the location of each speaker during a conversation.

Setting up the hardware is a straightforward process, and once the recording is complete, the space recorder uploads the audio data to Nomono’s cloud service. From there, users have access to a range of audio enhancements, including high-pass filters, cross-talk reduction, EQ filters, and more. Additionally, the option to spatialize the recordings provides a unique auditory experience for listeners.

Pros and Cons of Nomono’s Kit:

Nomono’s kit impresses with its sleek design and high-quality recordings, even in slightly noisy outdoor environments. Its flexibility allows users to record in various locations with minimal setup time, making it an attractive solution for recording studios and companies seeking efficient podcasting options. However, the price tag and reliance on the cloud-based workflow might deter some users. The lack of offline features and potential concerns about the longevity of the company could be a significant drawback for those seeking a more self-sustained recording solution.

Target Audience:

Nomono’s podcasting kit is not for everyone, but it caters to audio professionals and companies that require top-notch recording quality and flexibility. For established podcasting studios and businesses, the kit may save time and resources, making it a justifiable investment. However, for individual podcasters and beginners, more cost-effective options like small audio recorders and lavalier mics might suffice.


Nomono’s portable podcasting kit is undeniably an innovative product that has the potential to transform local podcast recordings. While the high price and cloud-based workflow might raise some concerns, its excellent audio quality and portability make it an appealing choice for audio-savvy companies and recording studios seeking a versatile podcasting solution. As the podcasting industry continues to evolve, Nomono’s kit could find its place among professionals looking for an Apple-level design and cutting-edge recording capabilities.

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