November 27, 2023


In recent days, there have been rumors circulating about the possible separation of popular Indian singer Neha Kakkar and her husband Rohanpreet Singh. However, a recent Instagram post by Neha seems to dispel these speculations. The post features loved-up photos of the couple, along with a heartfelt caption expressing their happiness. Furthermore, the comments from Rohanpreet and Neha’s family members further reinforce the strong bond between the couple. Let’s delve into the details and put these rumors to rest.

The context of the rumors:

The speculation about Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh’s separation started when fans noticed Rohanpreet’s absence at Neha’s 35th birthday celebrations in Mumbai. Social media users raised questions about his absence and the lack of a birthday wish from Rohanpreet, fueling the rumors. Neha’s followers expressed their concerns and curiosity in the comments section of her birthday celebration posts.

Neha Kakkar’s reassuring Instagram post:

Neha shared a series of loved-up photos with Rohanpreet, showcasing their happiness and togetherness. The caption of the post reads, “Back in town from the best holidays spent with Hubby!” accompanied by a heart icon. Neha’s choice of words and the heartfelt caption indicates that the couple enjoyed their vacation and are in a strong and loving relationship.

Rohanpreet Singh’s response:

Rohanpreet commented on Neha’s post, expressing his affection by saying, “What a trip, my love” along with a red heart icon. His comment reflects a deep bond and affection between Neha and him, dismissing any rumors of a troubled relationship.

Support from Neha’s family:

Neha’s brother, Tony Kakkar, also commented on the post, highlighting the couple’s love and writing, “Kitne pyaare dono” (how lovely you two are). Neha’s sister, Sonu Kakkar, expressed her love for the couple by dropping black heart icons in the comments.


Despite the rumors and speculations surrounding Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh’s relationship, Neha’s latest Instagram post, along with the supportive comments from Rohanpreet and her family members, reinforces the fact that all is well between the couple. The loved-up photos and heartfelt captions demonstrate their happiness and love for each other, putting to rest any doubts about their marital bond. It is essential to avoid jumping to conclusions based on incomplete information or social media speculation and instead rely on the words and actions of the individuals involved to assess the status of their relationship.

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