December 5, 2023


The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as the release of NBA 2K24 approaches. With its anticipated launch on September 8 for various platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4, fans are eager to delve into the latest installment of this popular basketball simulation franchise. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of everything we know so far about NBA 2K24, analyzing the details shared by 2K and Visual Concepts.

Release Date and Platforms:

NBA 2K24 is scheduled to release on September 8, offering gameplay experiences across multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game’s availability on various platforms ensures that fans can enjoy it regardless of their preferred gaming system.

Cover Star:

The legendary Kobe Bryant, who has already graced the cover of NBA 2K three times, returns as the cover star for NBA 2K24. This tribute to the late Lakers guard honors his impact on and off the court. Additionally, GameStop stores in the US and Canada exclusively offer the WNBA Edition, featuring Sabrina Ionescu, the talented New York Liberty guard, on the cover.

Cross-Play Functionality:

NBA 2K24 will embrace cross-play functionality, enabling players to compete with and against friends across different platforms. However, it’s important to note that there may be certain nuances to consider. Detailed information regarding NBA 2K24’s cross-play features can be found in a separate story.

ProPlay Technology:

NBA 2K24 introduces ProPlay, a groundbreaking technology that aims to enhance gameplay authenticity. By leveraging NBA footage, ProPlay delivers realistic animations and movements, elevating the on-court experience to new heights. It’s worth mentioning that ProPlay is exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game, emphasizing the focus on next-gen consoles.

Mamba Moments:

An exciting feature teased by the publisher is Mamba Moments, likely to be a dedicated mode celebrating Kobe Bryant’s illustrious career. Similar to last year’s Michael Jordan mode, Mamba Moments will enable players to relive some of Bryant’s greatest achievements, potentially even including a game where Bryant faced off against Jordan but from Kobe’s perspective. This mode is sure to captivate basketball enthusiasts and create memorable experiences.

Preorder Options:

NBA 2K24 offers different versions tailored to suit various fan preferences. The standard edition, named the Kobe Bryant Edition, can be purchased for $70. For those seeking additional content, the Black Mamba Edition provides an enhanced experience. Additionally, there is a pricier version bundled with NBA League Pass and more extensive features, appealing to dedicated fans looking for the ultimate NBA 2K24 experience.


As NBA 2K24’s release date draws near, fans can expect an exciting and authentic basketball gaming experience. With Kobe Bryant gracing the cover once again, the introduction of ProPlay technology, the anticipation surrounding Mamba Moments, and the availability of different editions, this latest installment promises to deliver immersive gameplay and memorable moments. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to hit the court!

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