November 27, 2023


Exciting news for battle royale enthusiasts! Netease and 24 Entertainment’s thrilling melee-focused battle royale game, Naraka: Bladepoint, is expanding its horizons. After successfully launching on PC and Xbox, the game is set to conquer the PlayStation 5 console on July 13. To celebrate its second anniversary and a remarkable milestone of 20 million unique players, Naraka: Bladepoint will also transition to a free-to-play model across all platforms, accompanied by several enticing updates. Let’s delve into the details and see what’s in store for players.

Transition to Free-to-Play:

Starting July 13, Naraka: Bladepoint will be free to play for all gamers, regardless of the platform they choose. This shift opens the doors for a wider audience to experience the intense and action-packed gameplay that the game offers. With cross-platform play now available, players from different platforms can unite and battle it out in this mystical battle royale world.

In-Game Rewards for Previous Owners:

Players who have previously purchased Naraka: Bladepoint will receive in-game gold equivalent to the edition they own. This gesture showcases the developers’ commitment to rewarding their loyal player base for their support.

Xbox Game Pass Upgrade:

For those who accessed Naraka: Bladepoint through Xbox Game Pass, an exciting surprise awaits! They will automatically be upgraded to the Deluxe Edition, unlocking additional content and perks within the game.

New Features and Updates:

Naraka Fest unveiled a series of upcoming features that will enhance the gameplay experience and keep players hooked for months to come:

Capture the Spirit Well:

Introducing a 12v12 PvP mode where strategic gameplay is paramount. Players must seize control of designated areas on the map to earn valuable points. Team coordination and skillful combat will be key to victory.

New Weapon:

Dual Halberds: A unique addition to the game’s arsenal, the Dual Halberds combine the versatility of a spear and the agility of a dagger. This new weapon offers players the ability to both thrust and swing with precision. Additionally, it possesses the remarkable ability to occasionally lock opponents’ weapons, providing a tactical advantage in combat.

New Hero:

Tessa: Unleash the power of Tessa, a captivating character described as a “1000-year-old fox demon.” Tessa specializes in charming her enemies and capturing their souls. Her distinctive abilities and playstyle will undoubtedly add a fresh dynamic to the battlefield.

PlayStation 5 Player Exclusive Items:

PlayStation 5 players can look forward to exclusive in-game items, showcasing their allegiance to the platform while enhancing their visual customization options.

Anniversary In-Game Events and Rewards:

Commemorating Naraka: Bladepoint’s second anniversary, players can expect special in-game events and rewards to celebrate this momentous occasion. Participate in these events to unlock exclusive items and experiences.


Naraka: Bladepoint’s arrival on PlayStation 5, alongside its transition to free-to-play and cross-platform play, marks an exciting chapter for this melee-focused battle royale. With its intense combat, engaging gameplay modes, and intriguing updates, players are in for an exhilarating experience. Prepare to immerse yourself in the mystic world of Naraka: Bladepoint and join millions of players in this epic battle for survival!

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