December 5, 2023


British digital bank Monzo is reportedly in the early stages of discussions for a potential acquisition of Lunar Group, a Nordic lender. This move aligns with Monzo’s plans to expand its presence in Europe and comes amid predictions of increased deal activity in the digital banking sector. While Monzo has gained significant traction in the UK with 7.4 million customers, the company has yet to turn a full-year profit. The potential acquisition could provide Monzo with strategic advantages and bolster its growth prospects in the competitive fintech landscape.

Monzo Explores Acquisition of Lunar Group:

According to insider sources, Monzo, the prominent British digital bank, is engaged in preliminary discussions regarding the acquisition of Nordic lender Lunar Group. The move reflects Monzo’s strategic intent to expand its operations in Europe and potentially leverage Lunar Group’s existing customer base and expertise in the region.

Digital Banking Industry Predicts Increased Deal Activity:

The digital banking sector is expected to witness a surge in deal activity this year. Digital finance firms have faced challenges in raising new funds due to a combination of rate hikes and investor caution. As a result, industry experts anticipate a wave of acquisitions and mergers among digital banking players to drive growth and market consolidation.

Monzo’s Profile and Financial Performance:

Monzo is regarded as one of the leading financial technology companies in Britain, boasting 7.4 million customers. However, despite its substantial customer base, Monzo has yet to achieve profitability since its establishment in 2015. In comparison, some of its rivals, such as Starling, have managed to turn a full-year profit.

Lunar Group’s Market Presence and Recent Funding:

Denmark-based digital bank Lunar Group operates across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, serving approximately 650,000 customers. In February, Lunar Group successfully raised €35 million ($38.56 million) to support its growth plans, indicating investor confidence in its business model and potential.

Strategic Benefits of the Potential Acquisition:

If the acquisition of Lunar Group materializes, Monzo could gain several strategic advantages. These include access to Lunar Group’s established customer base in the Nordic region, expanded geographic presence, and the opportunity to leverage Lunar Group’s knowledge and expertise in local markets. Such synergies could position Monzo for accelerated growth and increased competitiveness in the European market.


Monzo’s potential acquisition of Nordic lender Lunar Group signals the digital bank’s ambitions to expand its footprint in Europe. With Monzo’s significant customer base in the UK and Lunar Group’s established presence in the Nordic region, the acquisition could provide strategic advantages and drive growth for both entities. As the digital banking industry anticipates increased deal activity, this potential acquisition showcases the industry’s dynamic nature and the pursuit of expansion opportunities. It will be interesting to monitor the progress of these discussions and observe the impact on Monzo’s growth trajectory.

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