December 5, 2023


Argentine soccer legend Lionel Messi’s highly anticipated debut for Inter Miami has been confirmed for July 21. Club managing owner, Jorge Mas, revealed this exciting news during a recent interaction with reporters. The match, which marks Inter Miami’s opening game in the Leagues Cup against Mexico’s Cruz Azul, will take place at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While the agreement between the club and the seven-time world player of the year is still being finalized, it is an extraordinary development that promises to redefine the landscape of soccer in the United States.

The Arrival of a Legend:

Lionel Messi, often regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, led Argentina to World Cup victory last year. In an interview with Spanish outlets SPORT and Mundo Deportivo, Messi himself confirmed his decision to play for Major League Soccer (MLS) club Inter Miami, stating that he is excited to embark on this new chapter in his career. Although there are a few details to be ironed out, Messi’s impending arrival has already created a buzz within the soccer community.

A Seminal Moment for US Soccer:

Jorge Mas, Inter Miami’s owner, believes that the signing of Lionel Messi represents a watershed moment for soccer in the United States. Mas expressed his conviction that the presence of Messi will shape the future of the sport, creating a before and after era in American soccer. He envisions the potential for the MLS to become one of the top two leagues in the world, emphasizing the magnitude of this announcement. Messi’s decision to come to the United States is not merely a personal move but one with far-reaching implications for the entire football ecosystem in the country.

Unprecedented Security Measures:

Given Messi’s global stature, Jorge Mas highlighted the club’s commitment to ensuring the safety of the Argentine superstar and the team as a whole. Security protocols are already in place, including enhanced measures such as secure transportation and controlled access through a tunnel. These measures will not only be in effect for home games but also during everyday activities. The successful handling of security arrangements during Messi’s previous visit with the Argentine national team has provided valuable experience for Inter Miami in preparing for his arrival.

The Messi Effect: Boost in Social Media and Ticket Sales:

Even before his first match with Inter Miami, Lionel Messi’s presence has had an immediate impact on the club. Inter Miami has witnessed a significant surge in social media followers, reflecting the heightened excitement surrounding his upcoming debut. Moreover, the demand for tickets across the league has skyrocketed, as fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness Messi playing against their teams. Prices for Inter Miami matches saw an astonishing increase of over 1,000% shortly after news broke of Messi’s move to the United States.


Lionel Messi’s debut for Inter Miami on July 21 is poised to be a landmark moment in US soccer history. With his exceptional skills and accomplishments, Messi’s decision to play in the MLS sends ripples throughout the football world. Club owner Jorge Mas believes that this signing will pave the way for the growth and elevation of American soccer. As the countdown to Messi’s first match begins, fans, players, and club owners alike are eagerly awaiting the transformational impact that the Argentine superstar will have on the sport in the United States.

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