December 3, 2023


In a recent interview with beIN Sports, Lionel Messi candidly discussed his challenges in adapting to a new environment at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) after his move to the French club in 2021. Despite achieving success with two league titles and impressive statistics during his time at PSG, Messi faced difficulties both on and off the pitch. This article delves into Messi’s struggles, the impact on his relationship with fans, and his upcoming move to MLS club Inter Miami.

The Difficulties of Adaptation:

Messi admitted that his adaptation to PSG proved to be more challenging than he initially expected. Despite having acquaintances in the locker room and pre-existing relationships, the Argentine forward found it difficult to adapt to the changes. His late arrival and lack of a pre-season made the transition even more demanding.

Adjusting to a New Club and Teammates:

Transitioning from Barcelona, where he spent his entire professional career, to PSG required Messi to acclimate to a different club culture, playing style, and his new teammates. Adapting to these factors took time and effort, both on and off the field. The Argentine star had to familiarize himself with the tactical approach of the team and build connections with his new teammates.

Mixed Reception and Disconnection with Fans:

While initially well-received, Messi faced a mixed reception from some PSG fans. Throughout his time in France, he encountered instances of being booed during matches, indicating a disconnect with a portion of the Parisian supporters. Messi expressed his gratitude for the warm reception at the beginning but acknowledged the change in treatment from some fans. However, he highlighted the majority who continued to show respect and support.

Departure from PSG and Future Plans:

Recently, Messi announced his move to MLS club Inter Miami, set to make his debut in the United States in July. Despite his accomplishments at PSG, the absence of Champions League success and the controversy surrounding an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia led to an acrimonious end to his time in Paris. Messi apologized for the incident, emphasizing that it was not his intention to create a disconnect with the fans.

Looking Ahead to Inter Miami:

As Messi prepares to embark on his new chapter with Inter Miami, he expressed his excitement about the upcoming challenge. Moving to the Major League Soccer (MLS) offers Messi a fresh opportunity to make an impact in a new league and continue showcasing his talent on the global stage.


Lionel Messi’s journey at PSG was marked by both triumph and adversity. While he achieved domestic success, his adaptation to the club and new surroundings proved to be more challenging than expected. Despite a mixed reception from some fans, Messi expressed gratitude to those who supported him throughout his time in Paris. As he looks forward to his upcoming venture with Inter Miami in MLS, football enthusiasts eagerly await his next chapter and the impact he will undoubtedly make in North American soccer.

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