December 5, 2023


In a heartwarming display of support for the Bob Willis Fund’s fundraising campaign for prostate cancer research and awareness, Edgbaston turned Blue for Bob. The event, held at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, aimed to honor the late cricketer Bob Willis while raising funds for a noble cause. This blog post delves into the highlights of the event, including the remarkable achievements of the fund, the presence of legendary musician Bob Dylan as their Honorary Patron, and the spirited celebrations in honor of Willis.

Bob Willis Fund’s Impact:

The Bob Willis Fund has made significant strides in its mission to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. In just two years, they have managed to raise an impressive £800,000. A portion of these funds has been directed towards the development of non-invasive tests at the esteemed University of East Anglia, offering hope for improved diagnosis and treatment in the future.

A Celebration of Bob Willis:

Edgbaston came alive with vibrant blue hues as a tribute to Bob Willis. Attendees sported big bushy wigs, emulating Willis’s signature hairstyle, and showcased their best impressions of his distinctive bowling action. The event served as a celebration of Willis’s contributions to the sport and a reflection of his enduring legacy.

Bob Dylan as Honorary Patron:

The Bob Willis Fund achieved a remarkable feat by securing the legendary musician Bob Dylan as their Honorary Patron. Known primarily for his association with baseball, Dylan’s tribute to the New York Yankees’ pitcher Catfish Hunter showcased his appreciation for sportsmanship. While cricket may not be Dylan’s main focus, he graciously agreed to support Willis’s cause and keep his flame alive.

Gareth Southgate’s Crossover Perspective:

The convergence of cricket and football became evident as Gareth Southgate, the England football manager, shared his thoughts on England’s cricket performance during an Ashes summer. Southgate highlighted the intriguing decision to declare at 393 for eight on day one, drawing parallels between the expectations faced by both sports teams. Southgate’s collaboration with the ECB’s director of cricket, Rob Key, demonstrated the value of cross-training sessions and the shared passion for sport.

Ben Stokes’s Impactful Fielding:

While Ben Stokes is renowned for his aggressive batting style, his fielding skills came to the fore during the Ashes series. His imaginative and unconventional field placings confounded the Australian team, giving England a strategic advantage. Stokes’s ability to adapt and innovate showcased his all-around prowess as a cricketer.

Quirky Plans to Dismiss Steve Smith:

Ahead of the Ashes series, England’s Ollie Pope hinted at having devised unique strategies to dismiss Steve Smith. On the second day of the match, the audience caught a glimpse of these plans when Harry Brook, known for his unorthodox right-arm bowling style, was brought in to bowl. Although Brook’s style may seem unconventional, it has proven effective in the past, and his presence added an element of surprise to England’s tactics.

Memorable Moments:

Stuart Broad’s celebratory sprint and Usman Khawaja’s exuberant century celebrations provided memorable moments during the match. Broad’s high-fiving spree after dismissing Marnus Labuschagne went viral, capturing the camaraderie within the England team. Khawaja’s century celebration was equally captivating as he skipped all the way to mid-off before launching his bat high into the air, leaving spectators holding their breath.


The Lady, Play event at Edgbaston not only served as a platform to celebrate the life and achievements of Bob Willis but also exemplified the power of sport in raising awareness and funds for a worthy cause. The Bob Willis Fund’s remarkable achievements, the support of Bob Dylan as Honorary Patron, and the exciting cricket moments created a vibrant atmosphere and left an indelible mark on the spectators’ hearts. By combining sporting prowess with charitable initiatives, the event showcased the unifying and transformative nature of cricket and its ability to make a positive impact on society.

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