December 5, 2023


Juliette Lewis, acclaimed actress known for her diverse roles, recently wrapped up an intense and emotional journey in the second season of Showtime’s hit thriller series, “Yellowjackets.” In a candid interview, Lewis opens up about her character Natalie Scatorccio, her experiences on set, and the bonds she formed with her fellow cast members. Let’s delve into the remarkable story of “Yellowjackets” and Lewis’ portrayal of Natalie.

Exploring Natalie’s Trauma and Emotional Growth:

Throughout two gripping seasons, Lewis’ character Natalie Scatorccio grapples with survivor’s guilt and haunting memories of a traumatic experience. Lewis describes how she wore Natalie’s pain on her sleeve and reflects on the emotional weight of her death scene. She expresses her deep connection to the character and the profound impact it had on her performance.

Dynamic Relationships with Co-Stars:

Lewis discusses the unique dynamics between her character Natalie and two key characters: Misty (played by Christina Ricci) and Lottie (played by Simone Kessell). In the first season, Natalie’s story arc was intertwined with Ricci’s character, while in the second season, Lewis spent a significant amount of time working with Kessell’s character at a wellness compound. She shares her delightful experiences working with Simone Kessell, describing their off-camera camaraderie and the laughter they shared. Lewis praises the casting department for bringing together such a talented ensemble that fostered genuine friendships on and off the screen.

Natalie’s Unexpected Transformation:

One intriguing aspect of Natalie’s character development is her surprising embrace of Lottie’s wellness practices. Lewis explains how the show’s creators laid the groundwork for Natalie’s gradual immersion into the wellness culture, showcasing her shedding her superficial armor and finding comfort in a different lifestyle. Lewis points out the visual cues, such as Natalie’s purple clothing and her abandonment of eyeliner, which symbolize her softening and newfound contentment.

Behind the Scenes:

Night Shoots and On-Set Fun: Lewis shares amusing anecdotes about shooting night scenes at Lottie’s compound, where the survivors gather around a bonfire. She describes the camaraderie and light-hearted moments among the cast members during breaks, including playing vintage “Trivial Pursuit” and indulging in slapstick humor. Lewis’ lively and unpredictable presence on set is highlighted, with her co-star Melanie Lynskey affectionately comparing her to a box of fireworks, never knowing what to expect from her in a scene.

The Poignancy of Natalie’s Death Scene:

The interview delves into the impactful death scene of Natalie, which cuts between her present-day struggle at the bonfire and a vision of herself on a plane, accompanied by her teenage self (played by Sophie Thatcher). Lewis and director Karyn Kusama aimed to honor the departure of loved ones in a positive, cathartic manner, infusing the scene with personal emotions. Lewis candidly shares the profound effect the scene had on her, given recent losses in her own life, and the emotional connection she had with her on-screen teenage self, played by Sophie Thatcher.

Farewell and Fond Memories:

As Lewis bids farewell to “Yellowjackets,” she expresses her deep affection for the cast members, including Ricci, Tawny Cypress, Melanie Lynskey, Lauren Ambrose, and Simone Kessell. She describes the remarkable chemistry and camaraderie shared among the cast, likening the experience to a rough summer camp filled with blood, tears, and extraordinary talent. Lewis fondly acknowledges the rare bond formed on the show and expresses her genuine affection for her co-stars.


Juliette Lewis’ portrayal of Natalie Scatorccio in Showtime’s “Yellowjackets” has captivated audiences with its raw emotion and character development. Lewis’s commitment to her role and her ability to infuse it with personal experiences have made her performance truly remarkable. As the series progresses, Lewis bids farewell to her castmates and reminisces about the profound connections formed during the intense production of “Yellowjackets.”

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