November 27, 2023


In this blog post, we delve into the intriguing world of Formula 1 and the enigmatic figure of Fernando Alonso. A two-time world champion and one of the sport’s most celebrated drivers, Alonso opens up about the disparity between his public image and his true self. We explore his experiences with controversies, misunderstandings, and his return to the spotlight with Aston Martin. Join us as we uncover the complexities of perception and reality in the realm of motorsport.

The Dual Persona of Formula 1:

Formula 1 is not just about racing; it’s also a show where drivers must play assigned characters. Alonso acknowledges this aspect and how it impacts his public image. The media tends to portray him as the “bad guy,” which he attributes to being an outsider in a predominantly British environment and the lack of a powerful media presence from his home country, Spain.

Unraveling Past Controversies:

Throughout his career, Alonso has been involved in various controversies. From the infamous 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix incident with his teammate Lewis Hamilton to venting his frustrations with McLaren’s engine during the 2015 Japanese Grand Prix, Alonso has faced his share of scrutiny. However, he believes there are always two sides to every story, and his version often goes unheard.

A Truth of His Own:

Alonso’s truth may differ from the widely accepted narrative, and he acknowledges that establishing a definitive truth in F1 is challenging due to varied memories and perspectives. Regardless, he stands by his opinions passionately and expresses them with a unique flair that garners attention and headlines.

The Aston Martin Comeback:

Alonso’s return to the front with Aston Martin has been met with widespread acclaim. The joy of seeing one of F1’s greats back in a competitive car after a decade in the wilderness has resonated with fans worldwide. His on-track achievements, podium finishes, and near-win in Monaco have further fueled his popularity.

Mentorship and Team Dynamics:

Despite competing for the same team, Alonso’s relationship with Lance Stroll is unlike any other in F1. He sees himself as a mentor to the younger driver, emphasizing that they have clear team goals and work together to grow the team’s potential.

A Misstep by Alpine:

Alonso’s move to Aston Martin was motivated by Alpine’s mishandling of the driver market. He felt unappreciated and underestimated, leading to his decision to explore new opportunities. The move has proven fruitful for him and the team.

The Future and Optimism:

While Alonso remains focused on the present, he is optimistic about the team’s growth. Despite some recent struggles, he believes that overcoming obstacles will make them stronger in the long run.


Fernando Alonso’s journey in Formula 1 is a testament to the complexities of perception and reality in the world of motorsport. Despite controversies and misunderstandings, he remains unapologetically true to himself. As his career with Aston Martin unfolds, we can expect more twists and turns from this charismatic driver, making headlines and captivating fans worldwide.

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