November 27, 2023


Courtney Eaton’s portrayal of young Lottie Matthews in the hit Showtime series, Yellowjackets, has captivated audiences with its mysterious and dark storyline. In this blog post, we delve into the intriguing plot developments, the enigmatic mental state of Lottie, and the complex dynamics between the characters. From the chilling cabin setting to Lottie’s struggle with her mental health, join us as we analyze the captivating elements that make Yellowjackets a must-watch series.

The Haunting Cabin and Creepy Encounters:

As Yellowjackets takes a wintry turn in Season Two, the snowed-in cabin becomes a central location for the characters. Eaton reveals the cast’s hilarious yet genuine disdain for the cabin, even creating cards that humorously express their frustration. The atmosphere inside the cabin reflects the characters’ unease, as they navigate their surroundings and deal with the constant feeling of being watched.

Lottie’s Journey as a Reluctant Spiritual Leader:

Lottie’s character development takes a mystical turn as she becomes a reluctant spiritual leader among a group of girls in the wilderness. Her odd premonitions and the unforgettable bear stabbing from the previous season shape her newfound role. Eaton discusses Lottie’s growth in confidence and her leadership qualities, as she grapples with the mysteries of the woods and her own abilities.

Unraveling Lottie’s Fragile Mental State:

Lottie’s fragile mental state is a significant aspect of her character arc. We witness her struggle with mental illness, including her dependence on medication and her parents’ decision to send her for electroshock therapy. Eaton emphasizes the importance of not villainizing Lottie due to her mental health, leaving viewers to ponder whether her experiences are linked to trauma, the plane crash, or something more supernatural.

The Mysteries and Secrets of Yellowjackets:

Yellowjackets keeps its viewers guessing with its opaque storytelling. Eaton shares that the cast receives scripts only a week before shooting, which adds to the suspense and intrigue. The series explores various possibilities, from ghostly encounters to superpowers and the psychological effects of isolation. Lottie’s peculiar visions and encounters further contribute to the mystique surrounding the show.

Lottie’s Adult Counterpart and the Duality of the Character:

Season Two introduces Simone Kessell as the adult version of Lottie, now a self-assured leader in a wellness commune. Eaton and Kessell carefully navigate the physical and psychological differences between the two versions of the character. While they share certain physical characteristics, they maintain a separation to ensure the distinctiveness of their portrayals. Eaton refers to the adult Lottie as the light, while the young Lottie embodies darkness, hinting at an intriguing path of self-discovery.


Yellowjackets continues to captivate audiences with its chilling storyline and complex characters. Courtney Eaton’s portrayal of Lottie Matthews, a young woman navigating the mysteries of the woods and her own mind, adds a compelling layer to the show. As we eagerly await the resolution of the gripping storyline, Yellowjackets leaves us with countless questions and a desire for more answers in the enigmatic world it has created.

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