December 5, 2023
Discover the reasons behind the cancelation of the beloved horror series Ash vs. Evil Dead, as explained by Bruce Campbell. Explore the challenges faced by the show due to its platform and audience familiarity. Additionally, find out about the potential for the Evil Dead franchise’s continuation in animated form and its recent resurgence with the success of Evil Dead Rise.


Fans of the Evil Dead franchise were left disappointed when the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead was abruptly canceled after three seasons. In a recent interview, Bruce Campbell, a key star in the franchise, shed light on the show’s cancelation, citing audience unfamiliarity with the platform as a significant factor. Despite this setback, the Evil Dead franchise is experiencing a resurgence, highlighted by the success of the recent film Evil Dead Rise. This article explores Campbell’s insights and discusses the potential future of the franchise.

I. The Cancelation of Ash vs. Evil Dead:

  1. Audience unfamiliarity with the platform:

    • Campbell explains that the show suffered from low ratings, partly because audiences were not familiar with the Starz network, where it was aired.
    • Lack of recognition for Starz hindered the show’s visibility and limited its appeal.
  2. Timing and delayed exposure:

    • Campbell acknowledges that when Ash vs. Evil Dead eventually arrived on Netflix, it gained traction and generated excitement.
    • However, the delay in reaching Netflix resulted in missed opportunities, as the show arrived three years after its original release.
  3. Evolving streaming market and competition:

    • Campbell mentions that Ash vs. Evil Dead fell victim to the evolving streaming market, with various networks producing their own original content.
    • Starz, traditionally known for showcasing movies, struggled to establish itself as a producer of original programming, making it difficult to attract attention.

II. The Future of the Evil Dead Franchise:

  1. Resurgence with Evil Dead Rise:

    • Evil Dead Rise, featuring Lily Sullivan, achieved significant box office success, earning $146 million worldwide.
    • The film’s commercial performance suggests the potential for Warner Bros. to continue the franchise, although no official plans have been announced.
  2. Possibility of an animated continuation:

    • Campbell suggests that there is room for Ash vs. Evil Dead to continue in animated form, especially to address the unresolved Season 3 cliffhanger.
    • This format could provide a new avenue to explore the franchise’s unique blend of horror and humor.


The cancelation of Ash vs. Evil Dead stemmed from a combination of factors, including audience unfamiliarity with the Starz platform and delayed exposure on Netflix. However, the Evil Dead franchise continues to hold promise, as evidenced by the success of Evil Dead Rise. With the potential for a continuation in animated form and the enduring popularity of the franchise, fans eagerly await the next chapter in the battle against the Evil Dead.

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