December 5, 2023


Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has recently experienced a period of stagnation in its price despite promising developments. Notably, on September 6, Ark Invest submitted the first-ever Ethereum spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) application in the United States. While this news generated some initial excitement, it had a limited impact on ETH’s price, which briefly climbed to $1,650 before retracing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind Ethereum’s price stability and what’s influencing its current market sentiment.

Ethereum’s Price Standstill:

As of the latest data from CoinGecko, Ethereum is trading around $1,628, with only a marginal 0.1% price increase over the past week. This relatively lackluster performance is surprising considering the potential significance of a spot ETH ETF.

Understanding a Spot ETH ETF:

A spot ETH ETF is designed to track the price of Ethereum on the spot market, allowing investors to buy and sell the cryptocurrency through a brokerage account. Such a product has the potential to stimulate interest and investment in Ethereum.

Supply and Demand Balance:

One key factor contributing to Ethereum’s price stability is the current supply and demand balance. Data from blockchain analytics firm IntoTheBlock reveals that large Ethereum holdings are concentrated around the cryptocurrency’s current price range. This concentration of ETH positions has created a tight price range, discouraging significant price movements.

Specifically, IntoTheBlock notes that 5.1 million ETH was acquired below the $1,600 mark to establish support, while 6.5 million ETH was purchased above this level to establish resistance. This concentration suggests that traders are comfortable operating within this narrow trading range.

Automated Buying and Discretionary Selling:

Despite some bullish sentiment following the ETF news, “discretionary sellers” soon entered the market. A notable factor behind this discretionary selling is the impending liquidation of approximately $3 billion in crypto holdings by FTX, a prominent crypto exchange.

FTX has yet to disclose the exact timing of these liquidations, but recent wallet activity on the exchange likely raised concerns among traders. Ethereum’s performance mirrors this cautious sentiment.

Implications for the Market:

The influence of FTX’s holdings in Ethereum and other tokens, like Solana (SOL), has likely contributed to the cautious market sentiment. For instance, Solana recently experienced a price increase after VISA announced its intention to use the Solana network for payment settlements. However, SOL’s price has since retraced, possibly due to market concerns related to FTX’s impending liquidation.


Despite the optimism surrounding the introduction of an Ethereum spot ETF, Ethereum’s price has remained relatively stable due to factors such as supply and demand balance and the influence of pending liquidations by FTX. The crypto market is highly dynamic, and multiple variables can impact prices, making it important for investors to stay informed.

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