December 5, 2023


The ongoing rivalry between Ethereum and Bitcoin has captured the attention of the crypto community since their inception. Over the years, Ethereum has often been touted as a worthy competitor, and recent developments indicate that this competition is intensifying, particularly in terms of active addresses. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest data highlighting Ethereum’s impressive surge in active addresses and what it means for the crypto landscape.

Ethereum Surpasses Bitcoin in Active Addresses:

On September 14, on-chain data tracker Santiment unveiled a surprising update in the Ethereum vs. Bitcoin competition. They reported that Ethereum had reached its second-highest daily figure of all time for unique addresses involved in transactions, totaling 1,089,893. This milestone is not only noteworthy for Ethereum but also places it ahead of Bitcoin in terms of active addresses, a significant metric in the crypto world.

Artemis Terminal’s data also supports this trend. On September 13, Ethereum boasted 1.03 million daily active addresses compared to Bitcoin’s 743,800 during the same period. Although this lead was short-lived, it showcases Ethereum’s ability to compete with the pioneer cryptocurrency.

The Driving Factors Behind Ethereum’s Surge:

While Ethereum’s recent surge in active addresses is impressive, it’s essential to consider the underlying factors. One driving force appears to be the popularity of the Friend.Tech decentralized finance social media platform, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Friend.Tech experienced a resurgence, attracting a record number of daily users. Since participation on the platform requires an ETH address, this contributed to the uptick in Ethereum’s active addresses.

However, it’s crucial to note that this spike in active addresses had limited impact on Ethereum’s price. ETH continues to grapple with maintaining a price above $1,600, experiencing slight gains of 0.35% in the last day but losses of 1.15% over the past week.

What Does This Mean for the Crypto Landscape?

Ethereum’s ability to surpass Bitcoin in active addresses, even if temporarily, underscores its growing prominence. It suggests that Ethereum is not only a platform for value transfer but also for a wide range of decentralized applications and services. This versatility positions Ethereum as a formidable competitor in the cryptocurrency space.

However, the short-lived nature of this surge and its limited impact on Ethereum’s price indicate the complex dynamics at play. While active addresses are a crucial metric, they are just one aspect of the crypto ecosystem. The market’s reaction and overall adoption of Ethereum will continue to shape its future trajectory.

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