November 27, 2023


eBay, the renowned online marketplace, has announced an exciting expansion to its eBay Vault service, allowing collectors, investors, and professional sellers to submit graded trading cards directly from their personal collections. Previously limited to cards purchased on the eBay platform, the eBay Vault now accepts eligible graded cards valued at $250 or more, regardless of their original purchase source. This groundbreaking development opens up new possibilities for collectors, offering them enhanced convenience and security for their high-value collectibles.

Expanded Eligibility and Services:

In addition to accepting graded trading cards, eBay has extended eligibility to include graded autograph, relic, and patch cards. This expansion broadens the scope of collectibles that can benefit from the security and convenience offered by the eBay Vault. With the inclusion of these popular card types, collectors can now safeguard their valuable autographed and limited-edition pieces, ensuring their long-term preservation and potential appreciation.

Advanced Tools and Capabilities:

eBay’s new submission service complements its existing suite of advanced collecting tools and capabilities. These include the Price Guide, eBay Collection, Image Scan, and Authenticity Guarantee, which collectively facilitate seamless and intelligent trading card transactions. The Price Guide assists collectors in assessing the market value of their cards, while the eBay Collection feature allows users to curate and showcase their collections to potential buyers. The Image Scan technology aids in verifying card authenticity, and the Authenticity Guarantee offers added assurance to buyers by guaranteeing the authenticity of the purchased cards.

State-of-the-Art Facility and Security Measures:

The eBay Vault, housed within a state-of-the-art 31-thousand-square-foot facility, provides a secure storage solution for graded trading cards. eBay emphasizes its commitment to the security of the facility by subjecting all employees working in the vault to C-Suite-level background checks. These highly trained experts specialize in handling high-value collectibles, ensuring the utmost care and protection for each card stored within the facility.


eBay’s expansion of the eBay Vault service marks an exciting milestone for collectors and enthusiasts in the trading card community. By accepting graded trading cards from personal collections, regardless of where they were purchased, eBay enhances accessibility and convenience while maintaining a high standard of security. Collectors, investors, and professional sellers now have an opportunity to utilize eBay’s advanced suite of tools and capabilities, along with the trusted eBay Vault, to streamline their transactions and protect their valuable collectibles.

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