December 5, 2023
Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin have finally confirmed their engagement after months of speculation. Learn about their journey, their decision to keep it private, and their thoughts on marriage in this exclusive interview.


In an exciting turn of events, Dylan Sprouse, known for his role in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Barbara Palvin, have officially confirmed their engagement. Although they have been engaged since September, the couple chose to keep their relationship status under wraps until now. In an interview with V magazine, they opened up about their decision to delay the announcement, their unique love story, and their thoughts on the upcoming wedding.

Delaying the Announcement: Doing It Their Way

Barbara Palvin expressed her contentment with delaying the engagement announcement, stating, “We just want to do it on our time.” Recognizing the demand for transparency, Dylan Sprouse shared his thoughts on the matter, humorously pointing out that no relationship is fully transparent. They both wanted to build their story in their own way, without feeling pressured by external factors. When the news was leaked, their PR team suggested making a public post or speaking to magazines about it, but Barbara’s annoyance with the situation led them to decide on their own terms.

A Different Perspective on Marriage

Dylan Sprouse revealed his thoughts on marriage, highlighting the evolving definition it holds for their generation. He emphasized that for him, marriage is a promise to love endlessly and be a true partner. This understanding showcases their unique take on the lifelong commitment they are about to embark on. However, despite their excitement, Dylan expressed his anxiety about the big day, particularly about the first dance, revealing his nerves about a choreographed routine.

A Love Story in the Making

The celebrity couple has been officially dating for five years, but their journey together had a few unexpected twists and turns. Barbara Palvin shared that they first met eight months before officially becoming a couple, at an event where they had a brief interaction. However, she then “ghosted” Dylan for six months before deciding to reenter his life. Dylan humorously added that their mutual roasting of each other during their initial meeting left a lasting impression and played a significant role in bringing them together.


Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin’s engagement announcement has delighted fans worldwide. After months of speculation, the couple chose to keep their engagement private until they were ready to share the news with the world. Their decision to delay the announcement, their evolving perspective on marriage, and their unique love story make their journey all the more captivating. As their wedding day approaches, fans eagerly await more details about their special day and the love-filled future that awaits them both.

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