November 27, 2023


Moss, the renowned menswear brand previously known as Moss Bros, has set foot in Manchester’s Arndale Centre with the grand opening of its new flagship store. Showcasing an innovative retail concept that marries modern design with timeless elegance, the 3,082 sq ft store promises a spacious and updated shopping experience, emblematic of Moss’s newer stores across the country. This exciting expansion follows the successful launch of new outlets in Oxford and Watford over the past six months. The new flagship store will feature the brand’s bespoke tailoring service and the contemporary AW23 collection, which is sure to impress fashion-forward gentlemen in Manchester and beyond.

Experiencing Modern British Menswear:

Moss’s CEO, Brian Brick, expressed his enthusiasm for the brand’s new venture in Manchester. He describes the store as a celebration of Moss’s identity today, emphasizing modern British menswear and accessible style for all. With its refined interior style and spacious layout, the store aims to offer discerning shoppers an exceptional opportunity to explore Moss’s product range and experience their expertise firsthand.

A Collection of Timeless Elegance: AW23 Collection

The heart of the new flagship store in Manchester will be the AW23 collection, the brand’s latest offering that embodies contemporary style with a touch of classic charm. The collection promises a carefully curated selection of apparel, spanning from suave tailored suits to casual and sophisticated everyday wear. With Moss’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, customers can expect an unparalleled shopping experience.

Tailoring Service: Perfectly Customized

One of Moss’s signature offerings is its bespoke tailoring service. This personalized experience allows customers to have their suits and other garments expertly fitted and customized to their preferences. The combination of skilled tailors and premium fabrics ensures that every piece is a perfect fit, elevating the wearer’s confidence and style.


The opening of Moss’s new flagship store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre marks an exciting chapter for the brand, offering the city’s stylish men a haven of modern British menswear and sophisticated style. The spacious layout, coupled with the refined interior design, sets the stage for an elevated shopping experience, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the contemporary AW23 collection and avail themselves of Moss’s renowned bespoke tailoring service. With its commitment to accessible elegance and timeless appeal, Moss continues to be a destination for fashion-conscious individuals seeking quality and sophistication in their wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a dapper suit for a special occasion or refined casual wear for everyday elegance, Moss’s new flagship store is the place to discover the best in modern menswear. So, step inside and immerse yourself in the world of Moss—where style, quality, and innovation converge.

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