December 5, 2023


The highly anticipated Diablo 4 has brought a fresh perspective to the beloved action-RPG series, incorporating modern sensibilities and delivering an immersive gameplay experience with an engaging storyline. As part of their ongoing commitment to providing engaging content, Blizzard is introducing seasonal updates to Diablo 4, with the first season, the Season of the Malignant, set to launch on July 20. In this blog post, we delve into the details revealed by lead dungeon designer Michelle Piña and game director Joe Shely, shedding light on the exciting gameplay changes and new features players can expect to encounter.

Revitalizing Gameplay and Rewards:

The Season of the Malignant aims to enhance the gameplay loop by introducing a tighter and more rewarding experience for players. After completing the main story, a new plague unleashes a wave of powerful enemies known as Malignant monsters. These supercharged adversaries exhibit new attack patterns and properties, adding a thrilling element to encounters. Malignant monsters have a chance of appearing as Elite-level enemies, intensifying the challenge across public events, normal dungeons, Nightmare dungeons, and the all-new Malignant Tunnels.

Malignant Tunnels: Concentrated Spaces of Action:

The Malignant Tunnels are instanced dungeons designed to change the pace of gameplay and provide players with a focused, mob-killing experience. Learning from player feedback, Michelle Piña aimed to create layouts that facilitate a quicker and more streamlined experience. By reducing backtracking and implementing smaller, concentrated spaces, the Malignant Tunnels cater to players’ desire for efficient and action-packed gameplay.

Caged Hearts and Seasonal Gear:

Defeating Malignant monsters grants players Malignant Hearts, which can be seized as rewards. These hearts come in four types and are referred to as Caged Hearts. To further augment their characters, players can socket these Caged Hearts into the new seasonal gear, specifically rings and jewelry. The Caged Hearts provide buffs and new properties, allowing for powerful and diverse builds. Similar to gems, Caged Hearts introduce a new level of customization and legendary aspects that elevate the gameplay experience.

Escalation Opportunities and Risk-Reward Dynamics:

Engaging with a Malignant Heart entails fighting an even more challenging version of the corresponding monster. Described as “a step above Elite,” these encounters present players with an escalation opportunity, where the risks are balanced by the potential rewards. By embracing the challenge of battling these formidable foes, players can push their limits and reap greater benefits.

Controlled Rewards and Agency:

The Season of the Malignant emphasizes player agency by offering more control over the rewards received. At the end of each Malignant Tunnel, players encounter a Malignant Outgrowth. By activating it with a crafted item called an Invoker, players initiate a significant boss battle. The type of Caged Heart rewarded at the end of the fight depends on the chosen Invoker, enabling players to tailor their rewards to their playstyle. This feature builds upon the base game’s concept of specific dungeon rewards for each class.

Storytelling and Questlines:

While the Season of the Malignant emphasizes the loot grind and satisfying mob-killing, Blizzard remains committed to weaving an engaging narrative throughout the experience. Set in the aftermath of the main campaign, the season introduces Cormond, an ex-priest, as a new ally embroiled in the battle against the spreading evil. The narrative designers have worked closely with the dungeon and quest designers to create specific dungeons that align with the quests and convey the desired atmosphere.

Expanding the Diablo Universe:

The introduction of seasonal content allows Diablo 4 to adapt and evolve, embracing new systems, mechanics, and stories within Sanctuary. With a live service model, the developers have the opportunity to experiment and iterate on ideas, ensuring continuous excitement and freshness for players. The Season of the Malignant serves as a testament to their dedication to delivering a captivating and ever-evolving experience.


Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant brings a new wave of challenges, rewards, and storytelling to the highly acclaimed action-RPG series. With the introduction of Malignant monsters, Malignant Tunnels, Caged Hearts, and an engaging narrative, players will embark on an immersive journey filled with intense battles and satisfying loot grind. As Blizzard continues to iterate and experiment with Diablo 4, the live service model promises a wealth of exciting content in the future. Prepare to embrace the darkness as the Season of the Malignant launches on July 20.

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