November 27, 2023


A highly contentious soccer match between New Zealand and Qatar took an unexpected turn when it was abruptly abandoned at halftime. The game was marred by allegations of a racial slur directed at New Zealand defender Michael Boxall. Both soccer federations, New Zealand Football and the Qatar Football Association (QFA), have presented conflicting accounts of the incident, sparking a heated dispute. The incident highlights the ongoing issue of racism in football and emphasizes the need for decisive action against discrimination. This blog post delves into the details of the match and the subsequent fallout, shedding light on the growing intolerance for racism in the sport.

The Match and Allegations:

The New Zealand team’s decision to refuse to continue the match in protest stemmed from an alleged racial slur aimed at Michael Boxall, one of their players. According to New Zealand Football, Boxall was racially abused by a Qatari player during the first half. They claimed that no official action was taken, leading the team to boycott the second half. On the other hand, the Qatar Football Association denied the allegations, stating that there was an exchange of words between Boxall and Qatari player Yusuf Abdurisag, but no racial or discriminatory language was used.

Conflicting Statements and FIFA Involvement:

The conflicting statements from both federations have heightened the intensity of the situation. The QFA emphasized its commitment to combating racism and expressed concern about being unjustly targeted. Yusuf Abdurisag himself confirmed that he was the victim of racist abuse during the game, expressing shock at being accused in the same incident. New Zealand Football, however, stood firmly by their players’ claims, refuting the QFA’s allegations. To address the gravity of the matter, New Zealand Football has referred the case to FIFA for further investigation.

Implications and Responses:

The abandonment of the match has drawn attention to the persisting problem of discrimination in football. Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) commented on the incident, highlighting the alarming trend of discrimination and the increasing unwillingness of players to tolerate racism and homophobia on the field. The recent abandonment of the Mexico vs. US match due to homophobic chanting further underscores the urgency of eradicating discrimination from the sport. The actions taken by New Zealand and Qatar players demonstrate the significance of unity and support within the teams.

Calls for Action:

The incident between New Zealand and Qatar serves as a stark reminder of the challenges football faces in combating racism. It highlights the need for stronger measures and educational programs to raise awareness and foster inclusivity within the sport. By involving FIFA in the investigation, there is hope that a fair and thorough examination of the incident will lead to appropriate actions being taken. Ultimately, eradicating racism from football requires collective efforts from players, officials, and fans alike.


The abandoned match between New Zealand and Qatar has shed light on a distressing incident of alleged racial abuse on the field. The conflicting accounts from both federations have sparked a dispute, prompting the involvement of FIFA to investigate the matter further. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against discrimination in football and highlights the need for stringent actions to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all players. By standing together against racism, the football community can take significant strides toward a more inclusive future.



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