December 5, 2023


As the possibility of a UPS disruption looms at the end of July, concerns arise about the capacity of alternative shipping providers to handle the increased volume. Jacqueline Krage Strako, USPS Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer, assures that the Postal Service is well-prepared for such a scenario. With significant investments in their network and a well-staffed workforce, the USPS believes it can handle additional volume. This blog post delves into Strako’s comments, the impact of a UPS disruption on various industries, and the USPS’s ability to mitigate the effects.

The potential disruption of UPS services in late July has raised questions about whether alternative shipping providers, particularly the United States Postal Service (USPS), can manage the increased volume effectively. In response to these concerns, Jacqueline Krage Strako, USPS Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer, expressed confidence in the USPS’s ability to handle the situation.

During a recent briefing with reporters, Strako emphasized the USPS’s significant efforts to strengthen their network and workforce. Over the past couple of years, the Postal Service has converted 125,000 employees, ensuring they are well-staffed to manage additional demand. Additionally, they have made strategic investments and implemented necessary transportation network changes to optimize their operations.

Strako acknowledged that the USPS is only two years into its ten-year Delivering for America plan. However, she emphasized that they are well-positioned to handle the potential surge in volume resulting from a UPS disruption. This assurance highlights the USPS’s commitment to providing reliable shipping services even during challenging circumstances.

The impact of a UPS disruption extends beyond just the shipping industry. Numerous sectors, including comic book distribution, heavily rely on UPS for their logistics operations. In the event of a disruption, Diamond Comic Distributors, one of the major players in the comic book industry, has communicated their preparedness. They have been actively testing alternative shipping arrangements and exploring backup options to minimize delays or interruptions. By leveraging their network of reliable carriers, distribution centers, and drop points, they aim to mitigate the potential impact of any disruptions.

Bleeding Cool, a trusted trade publication, noted that a UPS strike would not only affect businesses directly using UPS but also those relying on UPS as a subcontractor. Companies such as Amazon, FedEx, and even the USPS itself would face challenges in maintaining their regular shipping operations. Many smaller dealers, who appear to rely on USPS, are actually benefiting from deals where UPS handles the bulk of the delivery, with the local post office completing the final mile.

Given the ongoing negotiations between UPS and the union, both parties are being scrutinized for any breakdown in their talks. The outcome of these negotiations will directly impact the shipping industry and businesses that rely on UPS for their logistical needs.

While there is understandable concern about the potential disruption and the strain it would place on alternative shipping providers, the USPS remains confident in its ability to handle the increased volume. As a reliable and trusted shipping option, the USPS has made substantial investments to enhance its network and staffing capabilities, ensuring they can effectively manage any additional demand that may arise.

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