December 4, 2023


In the world of cryptocurrency, a new and exciting venture has emerged – Burn Kenny, the irreverent meme coin inspired by the beloved South Park character, Kenny McCormick. With a presale that raised over $400,000 in market cap, Burn Kenny has fans eagerly anticipating its potential success. This super deflationary token aims to create scarcity and increase the value of its remaining tokens through a unique token-burning process. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Burn Kenny’s tokenomics work, how token burning could benefit investors, and what sets this meme coin apart from the rest.

Token Burning Process and Investor Benefits:

Burn Kenny’s token burning process involves gradually decreasing the total supply of the token, thereby increasing scarcity and potentially driving up the value of the remaining tokens. The process starts 24 hours after the token’s initial listing, with 30% of the total token supply sent to the “fiery depths of token hell” over three days. Subsequently, 10% of the total supply will be burned every 24 hours until the 30% burn target is reached. This reduced token circulation can create increased demand, which may lead to a price surge for the remaining tokens. Investors could stand to benefit from this unique tokenomics design.

Token Distribution and Roadmap:

With a total token supply of 6,666,666,666, Burn Kenny’s tokenomics are as distinct as the character it’s inspired by. The presale accounted for 40% of the total token supply, while another 30% was locked in the Uniswap liquidity pool for three months. The remaining 30% was destined for the token-burning process. By the end of Q3 2023, Burn Kenny aims to fulfill all its roadmap goals, establishing itself as a promising project in the cryptocurrency space.

Technical Preparations and Hype Building:

In preparation for its launch, Burn Kenny’s team has taken crucial technical steps. These include deploying the smart contract that governs the token and ensures its functionality, as well as pairing and locking the Liquidity Pool (LP). Additionally, the team has generated hype and excitement for the launch, leveraging the trending nature of Ethereum and utilizing DexTools for hot pairs, which may further increase interest and demand for the token.

Distinct Personality and Unique Approach:

What truly sets Burn Kenny apart is its irreverent approach to cryptocurrency and its mascot, Kenny McCormick, from South Park. This distinctive personality and connection to pop culture make Burn Kenny stand out amidst a crowded market of meme coins. However, the success of Burn Kenny ultimately relies on the strength of its community and the demand for its tokens.


Burn Kenny’s journey as a meme coin is off to an exciting start, with its presale success and unique token-burning process promising potential benefits for investors. As the team behind Burn Kenny continues to execute its roadmap, the distinct personality of this irreverent meme coin and its association with the beloved South Park character could contribute to its standout status in the world of cryptocurrency.

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