November 27, 2023

On-chain data reveals that the Bitcoin NVT Golden Cross, a key indicator measuring the ratio between Bitcoin’s market cap and transaction volume, is approaching the overvalued zone. This blog post delves into the significance of the NVT Golden Cross, its historical implications, and the potential impact on Bitcoin’s price. Stay informed about the latest market trends and consider the implications of this indicator.


The Bitcoin market is currently witnessing a noteworthy development as the Bitcoin NVT Golden Cross inches closer to the overpriced territory. This indicator, which compares the long-term moving average (30-day) of the Network Value to Transactions (NVT) ratio with the short-term moving average (10-day), offers valuable insights into the potential valuation of Bitcoin. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the concept of the NVT Golden Cross, its historical implications, and what it means for Bitcoin’s price moving forward.

Understanding the Bitcoin NVT Golden Cross:

The NVT ratio provides a comparison between Bitcoin’s market cap and its transaction volume, offering insights into whether the cryptocurrency is overvalued or undervalued. When the NVT ratio is high, indicating a greater market cap relative to the transaction volume, it suggests that Bitcoin may be overpriced. Conversely, low NVT values indicate that Bitcoin’s market cap is lower compared to its network’s ability to transact coins, hinting at potential undervaluation.

The NVT Golden Cross, a modified version of the NVT ratio, compares the 30-day and 10-day moving averages. This cross indicates potential shifts in Bitcoin’s valuation, with values above 2.2 considered overpriced and values below -1.6 signaling underpriced conditions.

Implications of the NVT Golden Cross:

Analyzing historical data, it becomes apparent that Bitcoin’s price has often experienced a downturn when the NVT Golden Cross entered the overpriced territory. Conversely, bottoms have typically formed when the metric dipped below -1.6, denoting potential undervaluation.

Current Market Situation:

In recent weeks, the NVT Golden Cross has been rising, coinciding with the latest leg of the BTC rally. Although the indicator came close to entering the overpriced zone earlier this month, it subsequently declined as the asset’s price dropped below $31,000. However, it is worth noting that the indicator’s value remains relatively high, suggesting a potential drawdown may be on the horizon.

The Future Outlook:

The coming days will provide valuable insights into whether the NVT Golden Cross will rise again and break into the overvalued territory, possibly leading to a top formation, or if it will continue to decline. Bitcoin investors and market observers should closely monitor this indicator to stay informed about potential market trends and adjust their strategies accordingly.


The Bitcoin NVT Golden Cross has emerged as a significant indicator to gauge Bitcoin’s potential overvaluation or undervaluation. As the indicator nears the overpriced territory, it is essential for market participants to remain vigilant and consider the potential implications on Bitcoin’s price. By understanding and tracking the NVT Golden Cross, investors can make informed decisions and adapt their strategies to navigate the ever-changing cryptocurrency market landscape.

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