November 27, 2023


Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, has been experiencing a shift in interest among US-based investors as reflected in the “Coinbase Premium Gap” indicator. This metric tracks the price difference between Bitcoin on the Coinbase exchange (USD pair) and that on Binance (USDT pair), providing insights into the buying and selling pressure differences between US and global investors. Recently, the Coinbase Premium Gap turned slightly negative, suggesting that large US-based institutional investors may be selling the asset. This blog post examines the implications of this shift in sentiment and its potential impact on Bitcoin’s price.

Understanding the Coinbase Premium Gap:

The Coinbase Premium Gap is a key indicator that gauges the difference in Bitcoin prices on Coinbase and Binance. A positive value indicates that Bitcoin is priced higher on Coinbase, implying increased buying interest from US-based investors, particularly large institutions. Conversely, a negative value suggests that US-based holders may be selling more than global users, or simply buying less of the asset.

Decline in US-Based Investor Interest:

According to CryptoQuant, the Coinbase Premium Gap has recently turned slightly negative, indicating that the price of Bitcoin on Coinbase has become lower than on Binance. This implies that US-based institutional investors have been selling more heavily during the recent downward movement in Bitcoin’s price. This trend of reduced interest from US investors has been observed for the past couple of months, with the indicator hovering around the neutral mark.

Impact of Previous Events:

The neutral to slightly negative values of the indicator in recent months suggest that American investors have not been accumulating Bitcoin more than the rest of the world. During the June selloff, the negative value of the Premium Gap was influenced by FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) from SEC cases against both Binance and Coinbase. This likely contributed to heightened selling pressure from US-based holders.

Previous Interest from US Institutional Investors:

In contrast, earlier in the year, US institutional investors showed a high level of interest in Bitcoin, leading to a significantly positive Premium Gap. This indicated a considerable amount of accumulation by US investors. However, the current scenario suggests a decline in interest as the Premium Gap remains near the neutral line.

Potential Implications for Bitcoin Price:

The lack of interest from large American investors could have implications for Bitcoin’s price movement. As the digital asset struggles to maintain its position above $29,000, the decreased demand from US-based institutions may result in further downward pressure.


The negative turn in the Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Gap indicates a decline in interest from US-based institutional investors, potentially leading to increased selling activity. This shift in sentiment could impact Bitcoin’s price movement in the coming days. As the crypto community closely monitors the Premium Gap, it remains to be seen how the market will react to this development.

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