December 5, 2023


Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal is at its midpoint, and Respawn Entertainment is introducing an exciting in-game event called the Dressed To Kill Collection Event. This event brings forth a plethora of exclusive cosmetics, including the highly anticipated Gravity Maw Heirloom Set for Horizon and the Former Glory Legendary skin for Revenant. With a high-fashion theme, this event offers players the chance to unlock unique items through various means, including Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, and event-specific Apex Packs.

Event Overview:

The Dressed To Kill Collection Event boasts a stunning collection of 24 premium cosmetics, ranging from legend skins, weapon skins, poses, banner frames, emotes, holosprays, stickers, and more. These cosmetic items can be acquired through different methods, such as direct purchases using Apex Coins or Crafting Metals or by obtaining Dressed To Kill Apex Packs, each priced at 700 Apex Coins ($7 USD) apiece. Additionally, players who collect all 24 items from the collection will unlock Horizon’s Gravity Maw Heirloom Set for free.

Epic-Tier Items:

  1. Loosen Up Mirage Emote
  2. Dream Team Vantage Emote
  3. Wanted Man Universal Banner Frame
  4. Shattered Skyline Universal Banner Frame
  5. Death Suits You Universal Holospray
  6. Venom Grip Sticker
  7. Cowl And Copper Wraith Legend Skin
  8. Kill-A-Joule Wattson Legend Skin
  9. Regal Resolve Rampart Legend Skin
  10. Gilded Serpent Devotion Weapon Skin
  11. Gold Circuit Triple Take Weapon Skin
  12. Purple Pounce Peacekeeper Weapon Skin

Legendary-Tier Items:

  1. [Classified] Crypto Legend Skin
  2. Lethal Lass Horizon Legend Skin
  3. Sharp Dressed Loba Legend Skin
  4. Furious Fatale Mad Maggie Legend Skin
  5. Former Glory Revenant Legend Skin
  6. Chaperone Newcastle Legend Skin
  7. High Roller Spitfire Weapon Skin
  8. Lupine Luxury RE-45 Weapon Skin
  9. Polished Power 30-30 Repeater Weapon Skin
  10. The Cleaner Nemesis Weapon Skin
  11. Clean Kill Volt SMG Weapon Skin
  12. Gold And Venom Mastiff Weapon Skin

Store Bundles:

The in-game store will feature unique cosmetic bundles during the event, offering a mix of Dressed To Kill collection items alongside items from previous Apex Collection Events. These bundles may be an attractive option for players who are seeking specific skins from the collection. Some bundles include bonus items and discounted Apex Packs, though these packs will not unlock items from the Dressed To Kill cosmetic collection.

Free Reward Track:

For players who prefer not to spend Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, the Dressed To Kill Collection Event provides a free reward track. By completing daily Event Challenges and accumulating Event Points, players can unlock various rewards. The free reward track includes the following items:
  1. 250 Event Points: Dressed To Kill Banner Badge (Epic), Dressed To Kill Music Pack
  2. 500 Event Points: 10 Battle Pass Stars
  3. 750 Event Points: No Cheese No Mercy Holospray (Epic)
  4. 1,000 Event Points: 3 Battle Pass Stars
  5. 1,250 Event Points: Refined Sanctuary Bloodhound Banner Frame
  6. 1,500 Event Points: Not The Dummies You’re Looking For Universal Holospray (Epic)
  7. 2,000 Event Points: Bugged Weapon Charm (Epic)
  8. 2,500 Event Points: 25 Crafting Metals
  9. 3,000 Event Points: 3 Battle Pass Stars
  10. 3,500 Event Points: 25 Crafting Metals
  11. 4,000 Event Points: Compound Interest Bocek Compound Bow Weapon Skin (Epic)
  12. 5,000 Event Points: Highscale Hunter Bloodhound Legend Skin (Epic)

Banner Badges:

During the event, players can earn four additional banner badges by completing challenges in various game modes, including the limited-time mode, Armed And Dangerous LTM. The following badges can be earned:
  1. Moving Target: Deal 50,000 damage in any game mode during the Dressed To Kill event
  2. Aiding And Abetting: Get 200 kills or assists in any game mode during the Dressed To Kill event
  3. Black Tie Affair: Deal 5,000 damage with shotguns in any game mode during the Dressed To Kill event
  4. Dressed To Kill Master: Earn all other banner badges during the Dressed To Kill event

Event Duration:

The Dressed To Kill Collection Event in Apex Legends will run from Tuesday, June 20, to Tuesday, July 4, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.


Apex Legends Season 17 introduces the Dressed To Kill Collection Event, offering a stunning array of high-fashion-themed cosmetics for players to unlock. With the highly anticipated Gravity Maw Heirloom Set for Horizon and the Former Glory Legendary skin for Revenant, this event provides ample opportunities to acquire exclusive items through purchases, Apex Packs, or by completing Event Challenges. Whether players prefer premium cosmetics or the free reward track, there are plenty of rewards to be obtained during this limited-time event. Don’t miss out on the chance to dress to kill in Apex Legends!

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