December 5, 2023


In an effort to enhance the selling experience on its platform, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Emerald program, a game-changing initiative that allows select third-party service providers to send direct notifications to sellers on Amazon Seller Central. The announcement was made during the Amazon Selling Partner DevSummit 2023, exciting developers and sellers alike. This program aims to provide sellers with important and customized business updates from approved third-party apps, making it easier for them to manage their businesses effectively without leaving Seller Central. Let’s explore the details of the Amazon Emerald program and how it benefits sellers through two participating developers, SentryKit and Getida.

Amazon Emerald Program: Streamlining Seller Communication

The Amazon Emerald program is set to revolutionize how sellers receive essential information from third-party services. Through direct notifications on Seller Central, sellers can access crucial updates, personalized business notifications, and relevant alerts in real-time. By simplifying communication channels, Amazon aims to improve the overall seller experience and empower them to make informed decisions promptly.

SentryKit Joins the Amazon Emerald Program

In a YouTube video, SentryKit proudly announced its addition to the Amazon Emerald program. As a secure and compliant third-party app, SentryKit now has the privilege of serving sellers directly through their Seller Central accounts. This seamless integration allows sellers to receive vital updates from SentryKit without the need to navigate away from Seller Central, ensuring a more efficient and convenient workflow.

Getida’s Role in the Amazon Emerald Program

Getida, another prominent developer, has also joined the Amazon Emerald program, as announced in a press release. The inclusion of Emerald notifications enables FBA sellers, who heavily rely on Seller Central for daily operations, to receive alerts related to maximizing their FBA reimbursements. Through this initiative, sellers can stay informed about opportunities to optimize their business performance, further streamlining their seller journey.

Praise for the Amazon Emerald Program

Eytan Wiener, the CEO of Getida, expressed his enthusiasm for the Amazon Emerald program, praising Amazon for its continuous efforts to improve the third-party seller experience. The program exemplifies Amazon’s dedication to making seller management more accessible and effective, offering approved third-party applications like Getida the opportunity to enhance seller operations.

Benefits of the Amazon Emerald Program

With the Amazon Emerald program, sellers gain several advantages, including:

  1. Direct Communication: Sellers can receive important notifications from third-party service providers without leaving Seller Central, ensuring swift action and decision-making.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined updates and business notifications enable sellers to optimize their FBA reimbursements and overall business performance effectively.
  3. Curated Third-Party Solutions: Amazon ensures that the participating developers meet its standards, providing sellers with access to reliable and compliant third-party apps.


The Amazon Emerald program is set to transform the way sellers interact with third-party service providers, enabling seamless communication through direct notifications on Seller Central. Developers like SentryKit and Getida are at the forefront of this game-changing initiative, aiming to enhance seller experiences and business operations. By providing important information in real-time, Amazon empowers sellers to make informed decisions and maximize their potential on the platform.

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