December 4, 2023


We work hard to ensure that the information presented on brings value to our users. Our advertising policies are designed not only to abide by laws but to ensure a safe and positive experience for our users. As such, our policies prohibit some content that we believe to be harmful to users.

We are aware that there are malicious individuals posing as representatives offering advertisements, partnerships, exchange or coin/token listing. If you suspect that you may be a victim of a scam, please contact us via our official channels:

Ads Approval

When advertisers choose to promote their content on, their content is subject to an approval process. This approval process is used by to ensure that advertisers are complying with our advertising policies.

1. Campaign considerations

  • Eligibility for ads on Potential advertisers must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible to promote their content.
  • Illegal products and services: prohibits the advertising and promotion of products, services, or activities considered illegal in a given jurisdiction.
  • URL requirements for advertising: prohibits the promotion of URLs (links) within promoted content that creates a disruptive or misleading user experience. These requirements are in place to ensure that users have a positive user experience with ads on

2. Prohibited Content

  • Adult/Sexual Content
  • Alcohol Content
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringing Content
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Drugs and Drugs Paraphernalia
  • Hateful content
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Products and Services
  • Political Content
  • State Media
  • Tobacco and Tobacco Accessories
  • Weapons and Weapon Accessories
  • Unacceptable Business Practices reserves the right to revise, reclassify, edit or reject any Ad Material or any portion thereof at any time. at all times reserves the right to refuse to publish any Ad for any reason and regardless of whether any such Ad Material was previously accepted by Publisher.

Advertising Process Flow

1. Submit a ticket at and inform us which ad unit you are interested in, campaign start / end date, how many impressions you would like to purchase, and any Country or Coin targeting.

2. We will revert with a quote for you. If you are agreeable with our quote, do provide us with your company name, address and let us know if you prefer to pay in BTC, ETH or USD Bank Transfer.

3. Once the quotation has been agreed upon, we will send you an Insertion Order for confirmation.

4. The invoice with payment details will be sent once the Insertion Order has been signed off.

5. Once payment is received, do share your creatives with for ad trafficking and let us know your ad reporting frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or end-of-campaign).

6. We use Google DFP as our ad server. All ads must comply with Google DFP policies. reserves the right to reject any advertiser, creative, link or content. Banners must be in PNG, JPG, GIF, or HTML5 format and be less than 500kb in file size.

7. All purchased ads are non-refundable except for the situation where rejects the advertiser.


1. Can I advertise my project on
As per our Advertising Policy, we currently only accept advertisements from exchanges and projects that are currently listed on 

2. What payment methods are accepted? accepts ETH, BTC, USDC (ERC20), USDT (ERC20) or USD Bank Transfer. We do not accept credit card payments.

3. Can I get a report of my ad performance? can provide a report of ad performance upon request. Daily or weekly automated email reporting can also be arranged directly from our ad server.

4. How fast can an ad be served or changed on
Once the full payment is made, we require 2 working days to serve an ad or to make any ad changes on That being said, we strive to fulfill all requests as fast as possible, and in most situations, we can complete the requests within 12 hours on a business day.

5. Can I run multiple banners?
Yes, you can run multiple banners to A/B test. Our Google Ad Manager can optimize the campaign performance and select the better performing banner or set the banners to serve evenly.

6. What are the targeting types?
Geographical location, language and device targeting options are available upon request.

7. Are there additional costs to target the banner ads for different coins or countries?
We have different pricing tiers for geo-location and coin targeting. Kindly visit this page for more information.

8. How can I publish Sponsored Articles & Press Releases? does not publish sponsored articles or press releases. We also do not allow for guest post publications.