December 5, 2023


In a surprising turn of events, two matches at the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament were disrupted by activists from the group Just Stop Oil. The protesters, wearing T-shirts bearing the group’s name, made their way onto Court 18, causing delays and frustration among players and spectators. This incident comes as part of a series of protests targeting major sporting events to draw attention to the urgent need for environmental action. Let’s delve deeper into the events that unfolded at Wimbledon and the motives behind these protests.

Incidents at Wimbledon:

During the matches between Grigor Dimitrov and Sho Shimabukuro, and Katie Boulter and Daria Saville, activists breached security and entered the court area. They sprinkled orange confetti and jigsaw puzzle pieces on the playing surface, creating a visually striking scene. While one activist was swiftly escorted off the court, another sat cross-legged, causing a further delay before being removed.

Response and Consequences:

The disruptions caused frustration among both players and spectators. Players were forced to wait while ground staff cleaned up the confetti, and the crowd expressed their displeasure with boos. Wimbledon officials promptly responded, with the London Metropolitan police arresting two men and a woman on charges of aggravated trespass and criminal damage.

Previous Incidents and Targeted Events:

Just Stop Oil has been actively targeting prominent sporting events to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of the oil industry. Their protests have disrupted the second Ashes Test at Lord’s Cricket Ground, where orange powder was spilled on the outfield, and the World Snooker Championships, where activists climbed onto the table and threw orange powder paint on the playing surface.

Motives and Demands:

In their statement, Just Stop Oil demanded that the UK government immediately cease issuing new licenses and consents for oil, gas, and coal extraction. The group’s activists argue that urgent action is necessary to combat the potential consequences of climate change, such as food shortages, mass displacement, and social unrest. They call for a crisis response to address these pressing issues and ensure a safe future for current and future generations.


The disruption caused by activists from Just Stop Oil at Wimbledon highlights the increasing focus on environmental issues and the urgent need for action. While some may view their protests as an inconvenience, others see them as a necessary means of drawing attention to critical matters that impact the entire planet. The group’s demands for a halt in new licenses and consents for fossil fuel extraction reflect a growing concern for the future of our planet and the generations to come.

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